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151 1761 Spinster. Will dated 14Oct1761, Proved 20Nov1761. Executor "my brother William"
Legatees: Mother Elizabeth Fisher, my late sister Vinal's children, some of my wearing apparel as my sister Ruth shall see fit. All my right in house and land in Winter St. to my brother, William Fisher and my sister Ruth Fisher. 
Fisher, Mary (I40795)
152 1786 West Nottingham, Chester Co.,PA tax list.
1790 living in Little Britain,Lancaster Co.,PA, one male under 16.
1800 Easton,Ontario Co., NY.
1810 living in Seneca,Ontario Co.,NY(six sons, three daughter).
1814 Took Oath of Allegience in Ontario Co., NY.
1820 census, not found.

Either left country or died (Jane Sutherland stated her mother, Lydia, lived with her grandparent, Haines, after her parents(Charles and Sophia) seperated (Sophia went to live with her son William). Daughter, Lydia, 1880 census states both parents born in PA. Son, William, says his father was foreign born (1870 census)

McMichael, Charles (I19744)
153 1790 census Malden 1-2-3 Burditt, Nathan (I8157)
154 1790 living in Caughnawaga,Montgomery Co.,NY "JACOB STALY 2-1-1" near
the Stewart, Fyck, Delyne, and McVain Families.
1800 Florida,Montgomery Co.,NY 10101-01121 Jacob Staley, near the Van
1810 living in Johnstow,NY next to his son Jacob. "George J. Staley
Possibly the Jacob Staley that is also in Butlers Rangers and later
living in Caughnawaga,NY the same time John Staley is, and going to
the same church....Reformed Protestant Dutch Church. John's twins
Philip and Gertry are bapt there in 1806 and George's children are
from 1792 to at least 1801. 
Staley, George Jacob (I24414)
155 1790 living in Little Brittian,PA
1820 in Seneca,Ontario Co.,NY  
Haines, Joseph (I21887)
156 1790 Middletown,Ulster Co.,NY
1800 Colchester,Delaware Co.,NY(colchester was formed from Middletown in 1792)
1810 Ovid,Seneca Co.,NY
1820 Virgil,Cortland Co.,NY
1830 Virgil,Cortland Co.,NY 
Hogaboom, Henry (I3380)
157 1799 Tax List - Sharon,Schoharie Co.,NY (House and Farm - Value of Real Estate $180/ Personal Estate $66/ Total $246/ Tax $0/ Tax Cents=24)
1800 census- Sharon,Schoharie Co.,NY (1-0-0-1-0|2-0-0-1-0).(Index shows as Abner)
1800 Tax List - Sharon,Schoharie Co.,NY (Farm - Value of Real Estate $180/ Personal Estate $50/ Tax $0/ Tax Cents=92)
1801 Tax List - Sharon,Schoharie Co.,NY (Value of Real Estate $180/ Personal Estate $22/ Tax Cents=66)
1802 Tax List - Sharon,Schoharie Co.,NY (Value of Real Estate $0/ Personal Estate $15/ Tax Cents=4)
1803 Tax List - Ovid, Cayuga Co.,NY (Value of Real Estate $0/ Personal Estate $128/ Tax Cents=15)
1810 census - Ovid,Seneca Co.,NY(1-0-1-1-0|0-2-0-1-0).
1820 census- Hector,Tompkins Co.,NY(0-0-0-1-1|3-0-0-2)
1830 census - Hector,Tompkins Co.,NY.(0000000100000|00200001000000)

There are two Abraham Leonard's in the Tax list of 1799-1804 (Abraham of Sharon/Ovid and of Whitehall). There is a John Leonard in Ovid a few years before Abraham and there when Abraham moves to Ovid - I believe this John was born 1764 in Somerset Co.,NJ and had a large family that lived in Ovid,NY. This is very possibly a brother of Abraham.
Also the Solomon Leonard in Hector in the early 1800's, his second son he named Abraham(b.1792)...possibly a brother??

Probate Record:
"LEONARD Abraham 10apr1833 - 17jun1833 - Hector - s Abraham Jr, s John, dau Almy Havens wf/Albert - he isn't to have any of the money - dau Olive & wf - wit John Sutton, Silas M Havens & Aaron O Coddington - d 29apr1833 ae 64"

Transcriber Helena Howard researched and transcribed many cemeteries in the 1950’s in what is now Schuyler County (Hector originally part of Tompkins County) and she wrote the following about Eddy Cemetery:

"The land where this cemetery is located was once owned by Abraham Leonard. In 1816 he sold 15 acres to his son-in-law William L. Smith. When William died in 1820 he asked (in his will) to be buried on the rise to the east of his house. Recently the cemetery was visited by a relative of William Smith, but his stone was no longer visible. Abraham Leonard's stone was found broken." 
Leonard, Abraham (I281)
158 1800 census "David Barker" Charlestown,MA - 11110-10012 (David born
between 1755-1774, his wife between 1755-1774, 2 older woman, one
daughter under 10, 3 males under 26.
1810 census "David Barker" Charlestown,MA - 21001-21010 (David born
before 1765, his wife between 1765-1784, 3 sons under 16, 3 daughter
under 16.
1820 census "David Barker" Charlestown,MA - 020001-00011 (David born
before 1775, his 'wife' between 1775-1794, an older woman born before
1775, 2 sons between 1804-1810. 
Barker, David (I13227)
159 1802 Tax Northampton, Ontario, New York
1810 unknown (may be misspelled - near Dansville,NY)
1820 Sparta, Ontario Co., New York (next door to brother-in-law Henry Dreisbach)
1830 Thompson, Seneca Co., Ohio
1840 Rock Island Co., Illinois 
Snow, Pliny H. (I43998)
160 1810 census of Marcellus, John born between 1765 and 1789. Allen, John (I2353)
161 1810 in Marcellus - living near the Foster family (over 45) Burns, Francis (I32404)
162 1810 possibly in Oppenheim,Fulton Co.,NY living next to Audolph
House(1769-1824 Barre,NY s/o Andrew House and Ms Morgan) and John
Cool, and George Lin and Freeman Gates(d.OH).
Brown, William (I24972)
163 1810-Ovid,Seneca Co.,NY (with his father)
1820-Marietta,Ohio (only he and wife)
1830-Hector,NY(Abraham Jr- 121001-102110)
1840-Hector,NY(Abram - 1122001-211001)
1850-Catherine,Chemung Co.,NY
1855-Rushford,Allegeny Co.,NY (Abraham b.Schoharie Co.)
1860-Woodford Co.,IL
1870-Woodford Co.,IL
Leonard, Abraham Jr. (I15022)
164 1820 and 1830 living in Pomfret,Chautauqua Co.,NY Wilson, Henry (I28614)
165 1820 in Brookline,VT with 3 males under 10 years. In 1830 he was
living in Brookline,VT had three sons, 2 under 5 and one between 5 and
10 years old. In 1840 he is in Brookline with 1 male between 10 and
15 and himself 40-50 and his wife 50-60. 1850 living in Newfane as a
Blacksmith. 1860 a blacksmith in Newfane,VT 
Burditt, Jacob Jr. (I17327)
166 1820 in Liberty, Sullivan County, New York (1 male under 10, 1 male 16-26, 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-26) Next door to Ichabod Benton.
1830 in Rockland, Sullivan County, New York (1 male under 5, 2 males 5-10, 1 male 30-40, 1 female under 5, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 30-40)
1840 unknown
1850 Damascus, Wayne Co., Pennsylvania working as a farmer (aged 55) with wife Hannah (aged 53), children: Henry, Hannah, Zilpha, Henrietta, and farm laborer Henry Miller(aged 34)- his widowed son-in-law.
1860 living with his son William R. Brown in Liberty, Sullivan Co., NY as a farm laborer(aged 65) with wife Hannah(aged 62) and daugher Zylpha(aged 22).
1870 unknown
1880 unknown

(Not the John Brown buried in Clayton Co.,Iowa) 
Brown, John H. (I34071)
167 1820 in Marcellas also John, William, Solomon, William Hunt two away from Asa, Solomon also on same page, poss. brothers Hunt, Deborah (I12213)
168 1820 living in Clinton,Dutchess Co.,NY. 1840 living in
Chatham,Columbia Co.,NY 
Sleight, Simpson (I14196)
169 1820 living on her late husbands farm in Hector, next to her father, Abraham Leonard.
Catherine married second to Ambrose Dunham, of Howard,Steuben Co.,NY. She had three children with her first husband, William Smith; Sally, Abram, and John. Also four children with Ambrose; Richard, Ira, Elizabeth, and Laura. 
Leonard, Catherine (I279)
170 1830 census of son Henry shows her age, born between 1760 and 1770. 1840 census of son Henry shows her age, born between 1750 and 1760. Daughter Catherine d/c states her mother,Mary, was born in Herkimer Co.,NY House, Maria Elizabeth (I163)
171 1830 in Palatine,NY, listed as "Levy Burton" (Possibly named for his Uncle Levi Wood)

Burditt, Levi (I25369)
172 1830 living in Gerry,Chautauqua Co..NY. Scarabourgh, Ontario in 1837. Staley, Conrad (I13110)
173 1830 through 1850 in Farmington,Oakland Co.,MI McMichael, William (I21000)
174 1832 in 1880 Staley, Orson (I24378)
175 1837, Lot 27, Con 4, Scarboro Twp, York City, Ontario Staley, Peter (I16493)
176 1840 census she is between 20 and 30 years old. Brown, Julianna (I208)
177 1840 in Roxbury,NY Corbin, Daniel (I23053)
178 1840 living in Carrolton,Greene Co.,IL. 1860 in Manchester,MI. Living with his son-in-law in 1870 and 1880, also living with them in 1870 was Rachel McMichael aged 66 Squier, Alanson H. (I21886)
179 1840 living in Charlestown,MA Barker, Asa Burditt (I26384)
180 1840 most likely the Leonard Pratt in Jackson, MI and in Aurelius, Ingham Co, Michigan there after. Pratt, Leonard (I32329)
181 1840 residing in Boston,MA, working as a Muscian.
Member of the Boston Brigade Band. Composed and performed several arrangements. He was the founder and leader of the celebrated "Burditt's Boston Brass Band." 
Burditt, Benjamin Augusta (I8222)
182 1846, of Centerville,Allegany Co.,NY Dippy, Levi (I12598)
183 1846, of Michigan. He is found in the 1850 census in
Autrim,Shiawassee Co.,MI, as a farmer with a real estate value of
Dippy, John Jr. (I12599)
184 1846, of West Sparta. Lived with her grandmothers a few weeks before
she died. 
Dippy, Susannah (I12600)
185 1850 Albany Co., 1860 Kings Co.,NY. Fish, Ethridge (I41709)
186 1850 and 1860 living at Fort Ann,New York Burditt, Israel (I8237)
187 1850 and 1860 living in Conneaut,Ashtabula Co.,Ohio Abbey, Shubal (I6147)
188 1850 Bennington,Morrow Co.,Ohio. Living next door to daughters Mary Barrow, Charlotte Manville, and son Samuel.

1856 Iowa census, living in Washington,Johnson Co.,IA, occupation - Cabinet Maker. Living with wife and daughter Mary Barrows. Census shows he had been in the state for 4 years (Barrows -5 yrs).

Same year (1856) Iowa census. Samuel and Sarah were again counted as living in Union,Johnson Co.,IA with their daughter Charlotte Manville's family. There shows occupation as Machinist.

1860, aged 71, Carpenter by trade, living with his wife and daughter, Mary A Barrows in Hardin,IA 
Wadsworth, Samuel (I1692)
189 1850 census - b. Conn
1855 census - b. New Hamp 
Whitford, Asa (I4491)
190 1850 census - husband is David Pritchard (b.1790)
1860 living in Liverpool,Medina Co.,OH 
Pool, Rebekah S. (I2241)
191 1850 census Dansville,Steuben Co.,NY - husband Alfred is a Waggonmaker Hendee, Sarah Sandusky (I1813)
192 1850 census in Leciester,MA with wife, Elizabeth, daughters Anjenett
and Mary Ann, and son-in-law Timothy Parker. 
Woodward, Asahel (I24996)
193 1850 census living his her parents (Timothy also living there) Woodward, Mary Ann (I25968)
194 1850 census Manillus,NY: Aged 73 YEARS, Born CANADA, living near George Brown Son Jacob H. Brown wrote in the House Genealogy that his mother was born August 1774 and his father 1773 CT Staley, Lucina (I24973)
195 1850 census North Dansville, #711 (Sarah Hartman), "Jackson Hartman, ae.20" and 1860 census North Dansville, #591 (Sarah Hartman), "Jackson Hartman, ae 31, farm laborer, $1,000" and 1875 census North Dansville, #285 (Sarah Hartman), "Andrew J. Hartman, ae.47(?49)" Hartman, Sergeant Andrew Jackson (I10147)
196 1850 census of Alfred, looks like Leroy or Lucy, ?female. Allen, LeRoy (I2344)
197 1850 census of West Sparta, under Alanson Calkins, names Pamela M.
Calkins, ae. 32. 1855 census of West Sparta, list Maria Calkins,
ae.39. 1860 census of West Sparta, lists Pamelia A. Caulkins, ae. 44,
owner of a farm valued at $1,800, with a personal property valued at
$325. Will of George Hartman,1867, names daughter Marian Calkins.
1870 census of West Sparta, list Pamelia Calkins, ae. 55, owner of a
farm valued at $3,000, with a personal property value of $1,000. Her
children Annis and John are living with her in 1870. 
Hartman, Marian Permilia (I7850)
198 1850 census she is referred to as Clarissa E. and in the 1860 she is
McMichael, Clarissa Sophia (I22224)
199 1850 census shows "England" Ewart, William (I12638)
200 1850 census shows his age at 84(b.1766). Living next John B. Whitford
and George R. Whitford. In the 1860 census of Fremont,Steuben Co.,NY
shown as born RI, living with Riley Whitford. 1855 shows b.Albany
Co.,NY(age 77, b.1778) came to Dansville are in 1824 
Whitford, David (I18292)

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