Elsie Schamp

Female 1770 - 1863  (92 years)

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Margaret M. Gray
Female 1812-1884
Sylvester Gray
Male 1814-1874
Hattie Gray
Female 1856-1863
Mary E. Gray
Female 1858-1863
Nellie A. Gray
Female 1865-1865
Lyman W. Sickly
Male 1838-1863
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Frances Sickley
Female Abt 1847-
George M. Sickly
Male 1849-1870
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Elizabeth Gray
Female 1817-1867
Robert Sickley
Male 1811-1853
Daniel J. Lee
Male 1843-1888
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John G. Sutfin
Male 1843-1920
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Sarah Ann Sutfin
Female 1845-1934
Daniel J. Lee
Male 1843-1888
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David G. Sutfin
Male Abt 1848-
Sylvester Sutfin
Male Abt 1851-
Rosa A. Haines
Female Abt 1856-
Frank Sutfin
Male Abt 1852-
Elsie Gray
Female 1821-1879
David V. Sutfin
Male 1816-1904
Willard C. Gray
Male 1854-1919
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David Edward Gray
Male Abt 1858-1932
Iva R. Gamble
Female 1862-1941
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Sarah Lydia Gray
Female 1862-1943
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David Gray
Male 1823-1889
Sarah J. Wise
Female 1833-1910
Alice Gray
Female 1857-
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Fred Gray
Male 1861-
Female 1871-
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Richard Gray
Male 1826-1895
Mary Wells
Female 1833-
Helen Gray
Female 1853-1875
Frances Dow
Female 1859-1954
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Salome Luce
Female 1832-1860
Mary Ann Clark
Female 1827-1920
Mary Gray
Female 1830-1906
Samuel H. Gray
Male Abt 1866-
J. Harry Gray
Male 1869-1876
Paul R. Gray
Male 1877-1886
John M. Gray
Male 1832-1889
John Gray
Male 1789-1864
Mary Trimmer
Female 1791-1872
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Lewis Sick
Male 1847-1916
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Jennie Bellows
Female Abt 1850-
Alice May Hale
Female 1857-1939
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Mary Gray
Female 1815-1859
Camos Haynes
Male 1819-1866
Amos Gray
Male 1823-
Milton J. Gray
Male 1854-1930
Emma D. Zeliff
Female 1859-1947
New chart
John Gray
Male 1827-1863
Eliza M. Haynes
Female 1825-1854
Ida C.
Female 1858-1909
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Ira D. Gray
Male 1860-1930
Esther Jane
Female 1866-1918
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Albert E. Gray
Male 1860-1920
Mary L. White
Female 1859-1924
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Lewis W. Gray
Male 1870-1893
Elliot L. Gray
Male 1830-1906
Mary Ann Bennett
Female 1832-1929
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Clarence G. Gray
Male 1857-1930
Ida E. Shepard
Female 1864-1956
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Herbert J. Gray
Male 1867-1947
Female 1871-1969
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Bernica H. Gray
Female 1881-1952
Jesse Gray
Male 1831-1909
Hannah Faulkner
Female 1837-1929
Mahlon Gray, Jr.
Male Abt 1834-
Laura Avery
Female Abt 1839-
Jesse Fry
Male Abt 1857-
Lena Fry
Female Abt 1859-
Ann Gray
Female 1836-
James Fry
Male Abt 1835-
Mahlon Gray
Male 1791-Abt 1855
Elenor Dufford
Female 1796-1874
Mary J. Coleman
Male Abt 1834-1834
James K. Havens
Male 1833-1914
New chart
Matilda Coleman
Female Abt 1838-
Harrison Coleman
Male 1840-1913
Mary J. Coleman
Female Abt 1842-1880
Delight A. Coleman
Female Abt 1846-1851
James Coleman
Male 1848-1913
Abel Coleman
Male Abt 1850-1858
David M. Coleman
Male 1854-1932
Elsie E. Coleman
Female Abt 1856-
Elsie Gray
Female 1816-1893
Azel Coleman
Male Abt 1840-
Emma Coleman
Female Abt 1842-
Ella Coleman
Female Abt 1844-
Mary Gray
Female 1821-1846
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Ezra Gray
Male 1823-1895
James C. McNinch
Male 1819-1891
Edna Crego
Female 1860-
Clark M. Gray
Male Abt 1860-
Mary Crego
Female 1831-
Ida V. Gray
Female 1854-1909
James H. Gray
Male 1856-1928
Nellie M. Gray
Female 1858-1932
Matilda L. Gray
Female 1862-1941
Susan E. Gray
Female 1864-1893
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Della Gray
Female 1869-1903
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Kathryn G. Gray
Female 1871-1901
Absalom Gray
Male 1837-1838
Rebecca Gray
Female 1839-1900
James L. Fish
Male 1835-1861
Jesse Gray
Male 1793-1873
Elizabeth Sliker
Female 1795-1871
John Gray
Male 1848-
Alvah Gray
Male 1849-1918
Mary E. Bonnell
Female 1849-1940
New chart
Ann Gray
Female Abt 1852-Abt 1860
Willard C. Gray
Male 1854-1919
New chart
Leo Gray
Male 1873-1944
Elizabeth Wise
Female 1836-1927
Rance Hann Gray
Male 1795-1819
Joseph R. Kidd
Male 1836-1913
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Female 1838-
Arthur G. Pickle
Male 1821-1851
Harriet Pickle
Female 1823-1864
John S. Gamble
Male 1822-1870
Arthur M. Artman
Male 1850-1900
New chart
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Alice Ann Pickle
Female 1828-1883
Enos Artman
Male 1819-1883
Caroline Pickle
Female 1831-1905
Jacob Slaight
Male 1820-1898
Frederick Pickle
Male 1865-1865
Myra J. Pickle
Female 1868-1887
Morgan Shaffer
Male 1840-1910
Elizabeth Gray
Female 1799-1876
John H. Sanford
Male 1853-1854
Alice Gray
Female Abt 1830-
Ezra Gray
Male 1805-Aft 1879
Sophia Frone
Female Abt 1810-1861
Jerome C. Gray
Male Abt 1852-Bef 1860
Arthur Gray
Male 1829-1892
Sarah C.
Female 1834-1852
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Lura E. Gray
Female 1857-1913
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George B. Gray
Male 1870-1930
Nellie A.
Female 1871-1950
child Gray
Female Est 1858-Est 1859
Anna Gray
Female 1859-1863
Berty Gray
Male 1862-1863
John F. Gray
Male 1830-1916
Ezra Gray
Male Abt 1834-
David C. Gray
Male 1834-1902
Jacob Gray
Male 1837-1926
Mary Parsons
Female 1837-1909
Elsie Gray
Female 1867-
New chart
William H. Gray
Male 1840-1874
Andrew J. Gray
Male 1843-1853
Ollie Gray
Female Abt 1871-
M. Worth Gray
Male 1873-1953
Hattie Parker
Female 1873-1955
Ernest M. Gray
Male 1877-1892
Farley W. Gray
Male 1847-1928
William Gray
Male 1809-1878
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Elsie Schamp
Female 1770-1863
Richard Gray
Male 1765-1835