Thomas Burditt, (V)

Male 1755 - Aft 1830  (> 76 years)

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Bradley Burditt
Male 1812-1874
Cynthia Smith
Female 1814-1886
Susanna Weston
Female 1787-1875
John Mark Hendee
Male 1815-1879
Alta M. Blake
Female 1807-1878
Buell G. Hendee
Male 1847-1869
John S. Hendee
Male Abt 1851-1918
Female Abt 1845-
Mary Hendee
Female 1853-1878
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Daniel K. Hendee
Male 1856-1933
Abigail Hendee
Female 1858-1922
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Nancy Ketchum
Female 1823-1916
Joseph Vickers
Male 1839-1905
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Sarah E. Hendee
Female 1846-1906
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Ida Bell
Female 1857-1926
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Emma Jane Hendee
Female 1851-1862
Celesta Hendee
Female 1853-1887
Emmet A. Cook
Male 1854-1923
Clark Lee Hendee
Male 1854-1903
Lell A. Hall
Female 1869-1946
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Loretta H. Wells
Female 1863-1902
Elvira Carney
Female 1870-1928
Adelbert Burdick
Male Abt 1857-
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Bemis Hendee
Male 1859-1862
Ella Hendee
Female 1861-1942
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Angeline Curry
Female 1824-1891
Loring G. Hendee
Male 1823-1827
Alfred J. Hendershott
Male 1822-Bef 1900
Lois Hendee
Female 1828-1888
Sarah Burditt
Female 1783-1859
Daniel Hendee
Male 1776-1859
Charles L. Burditt
Male Abt 1844-1862
Sarah E. Jackson
Female 1869-Bef 1910
Eugene L. Burdett
Male 1858-Aft 1920
Flora N. Burgess
Female 1859-Bef 1920
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Catherine Hendershott
Female 1820-Aft 1900
Ann Stevens
Female Abt 1835-
Marshall Howland
Male 1840-1901
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Henry Stevens
Male 1842-1912
Martha Walker
Female 1846-1930
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Ella M.
Female 1854-1931
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Alma Stevens
Female Abt 1849-
Nancy Burditt
Female 1816-1891
Benjamin Stevens
Male 1812-1879
James M. Burditt
Male Abt 1819-
Alepha Cobb
Female Abt 1819-
James Burditt
Male 1786-Bef 1830
John Burditt
Male 1788-Bef 1870
Female Abt 1789-
Emily Burditt
Female Abt 1850-
Oscar Burditt
Male Abt 1854-
Ida Mae Fuller
Female 1859-1946
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Cora Bell Howard
Female 1869-1953
Ella C. Burditt
Female Abt 1866-
John M. Burditt
Male Abt 1825-
Louisa D. Patch
Female Abt 1827-
Mary Burditt
Female Abt 1830-
Frank D. Burditt
Male Abt 1833-
Clara S.
Female Abt 1827-
Susan Burditt
Female Abt 1834-
Abel Allen
Male Abt 1831-
Harriett Burditt
Female Abt 1835-
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David M. Burditt
Male 1824-1884
Lorinda LaCrosse
Female 1841-1906
Olive Burditt
Female Abt 1826-
Reyno J. Payne
Male 1862-1933
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Harry W. Burditt
Male Abt 1876-
Hannah Washburn
Female 1836-1916
Julia Burditt
Female Abt 1838-
Mary H. Baird
Female 1872-1899
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Israel Burditt
Male 1793-1865
Roxana Paine
Female 1803-1868
Sarah Ann Potter
Female 1845-1924
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Nathan E. Wise
Male 1849-1933
Alice Potter
Female 1853-1933
Adam Strick, Jr.
Male 1860-1929
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Theron Thomas Potter
Male Abt 1856-Aft 1860
Eliza Burditt
Female 1819-1896
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James Lake
Male 1850-1923
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Thomas Burditt
Male 1822-1893
Mary Ann Ojers
Female 1821-1892
Lorenzo Hulbert
Male 1843-1924
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Allen V. Burdett
Male 1856-1934
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Elmer E. Smith
Male 1861-1889
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Mary A. Curry
Female 1827-1903
Harriet M. Ross
Female 1876-1931
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Homer Guy Allen
Male 1867-1911
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Maude Adams
Female 1873-1963
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Almeda Burditt
Female 1830-1911
Mary Jane Pond
Female 1840-1915
George Burditt
Male 1796-1851
Milly Wadsworth
Female 1795-1839
Edith L. Major
Female 1878-1956
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Ray Wing Burdett
Male 1877-1945
Irene M. Brink
Female 1877-1935
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Rachel Gilbert
Female 1809-1869
Nelson Washburn
Male 1843-1935
Haschel Burditt
Male 1828-1892
Sarah J. Walker
Female 1814-1869
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Charles Burditt
Male 1836-1902
Althea Landon
Female 1835-1870
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Alma Stevens
Female 1848-1876
Mary French
Female 1839-1913
Mary E. Burditt
Female Abt 1840-
Nancy V. Burditt
Female 1844-1881
Jonathan Burditt
Male 1798-1868
Sally Floyd
Female 1804-1863
Abigail Paine
Female 1820-1889
George W. Paine
Male 1824-1883
Eliza Cotton
Female 1833-1884
Suikey J. Payne
Female 1828-1873
Olive K. Payne
Female 1841-1873
Rebecca Burditt
Female 1801-1866
Enoch Paine
Male 1796-1884
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Thomas Burditt, (V)
Male 1755-Aft 1830
Lois Sawyer
Female 1760-1823