Hesse-Kassel, Germany


Latitude: 51.3127114, Longitude: 9.4797461


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Catherine  ca 1783Hesse-Kassel, Germany I38873
2 Dietz, Andrew  Hesse-Kassel, Germany I9187
3 Dietz, Caroline  30 Apr 1848Hesse-Kassel, Germany I9182
4 Engel, Elizabeth  May 1856Hesse-Kassel, Germany I9196
5 Greasing, Margaret  ca 1819Hesse-Kassel, Germany I38871
6 Greasing, Simon  2 May 1815Hesse-Kassel, Germany I9181
7 Krell, Johann Wilhelm  ca 1811Hesse-Kassel, Germany I38870
8 Krell, Philip  May 1851Hesse-Kassel, Germany I9197
9 Opper, Peter  28 Feb 1847Hesse-Kassel, Germany I41643
10 Schad, Anna Margaret  Aug 1853Hesse-Kassel, Germany I9189
11 Schoef, Caroline  Hesse-Kassel, Germany I9188