Luva Alice Mitchell

Luva Alice Mitchell

Female 1916 - 2002  (86 years)


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Lorraine Jean Mitchell Gustava Mae Mitchell Luella Mae Mitchell Luva Alice Mitchell Carl Wilbur Mitchell Lloyd Earl Mitchell Donald Allen Derkis
Mitchell Siblings 1937

Mitchell Siblings 1937

1 Oct 1937, "day of Grandpa Thompson's funeral." Grandpa Thompson was Charles Thompson (1867-1937), the father of Ettabell Virginia Thompson.

Pictured from left with 1937 ages:

Front--Lorraine Jean Mitchell 9.
Middle--Gustava Mae Mitchell 12, Luella Mae Mitchell 19.
Back--Luva Alice Mitchell Derkis 21, Carl Wilbur Mitchell 16, Lloyd Earl Mitchell 18 and Donald Derkis 19.

This photo was probably taken before Luva and Donald married. After they married, they moved to Texas.

"I remember the morning they left for Texas. Mom cried. Texas seemed so far away." --Luella Mae Mitchell Hamilton, May 16, 2008.

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