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101 1850 Federal Census: Naples, Ontario Co., NY. Living with father and mother; aged 19.
1860 Federal Census: Volinia Township, Cass Co., Michigan (PO Box Little Prairies Ronde)
1870 Federal Census: Cassopolis, Michigan, living with wife Flora
1875 NY Census: Naples, Ontario Co. NY, listed with Flora, Fanny, Bessie, and Ira.
1880 Federal Census: Dowagiac, Michigan, living on Telegraph St.
In the 1860 Census, Henry is listed as  
Deyo, Henry A. (I2320)
102 1850 he is living with his brother Jonathan and family also their is sister Jane in Ossian.
  • 1860 living in West Sparta with Hugh McNair, working as a Carpenter & Joiner.
  • 1865 a carpenter living with his nephew, James M. Haynes in Portage,NY
  • 1877 (July 1) - admitted to the Livingston County Poor House - occupation, Carpenter (notes father's occupation as a Weaver)
  • 1880 in the Poor House and Asylum in Geneseo aged 80 years, occupation Carpenter, single, can read or write, born NY, parents born PA. 
  • Haynes, James (I5070)
    103 1850 in Angelica,Allegany Co.,NY as a Lumberman. In 1860 he is still
    in Angelica, but at a Stone Mason. 
    Whitford, Ransom (I18269)
    104 1850 in Brighton, Livingston Co., Michigan
    1865 in Dix, Schuyler, New York
    1880 Wayne, Steuben Co., New York 
    Curry, Henry Winston (I30766)
    105 1850 in Newfane,Vt a Cabinet and Chair Maker. 1860 in Newfane as a
    Cabinet Maker. 1870 living in Newfane,VT working as a Cabinet Maker 
    Burditt, Frederick O. (I17680)
    106 1850 in Newport living next to the Vandermark families (John, Benjamin, Jeremiah) and Lutsey Sims, Daniel (I47723)
    107 1850 in Rochester with second wife Sarah and son James Gates, Doctor Justin (I19906)
    108 1850 in Roxbury,MA; 1860 in Rock Island,ILL; 1870 and 1880 in Hazlehurst,MS as Store bookkeeper

    From the Mississippi Archive there is the following:
    William A. Stone was born March 12, 1804, in Livermore, Maine, the son of Polly Chase and Jesse Stone. He received an A.B. from Bowdoin College in 1825 and studied law with Peleg Sprague in Hallowell, Maine. Admitted to the bar in 1828, he began his practice at West Prospect, Maine. Some time later, he moved to Holmesville, Pike County. While there, he was appointed by Governor McNutt to fill the unexpired term of circuit judge Walker. He served as a Pike County member of the state House of Representatives from 1838 to 1839. In 1839 he moved to Natchez, where he married Hannah M. Merrick, widow of Phineas P. Merrick. She died on June 14, 1841, and in that same year, Stone moved to Monticello. He served as a state senator from Marion and Lawrence counties from 1848 to 1854 and again from 1856 to 1858. In 1860, he moved to Hazlehurst and served as mayor of that town. He was also a Copiah County delegate to the 1865 Constitutional Convention. William S. Stone died on November 13, 1877.

    Little is known about Thomas A. Burditt. He was born February 5, 1827, and died in Hazlehurst, December 31, 1886. In 1855 he established with Samuel Sanger a mercantile business in Boston, Massachusetts, but by 1864, at least, was in Hazlehurst, presumably farming and in business. Possibly he was Stone's son-in-law.

    This collection can be divided into two parts: papers of William Stone and diaries of Thomas A. Burditt containing entries about Stone. The papers consist of correspondence related to Stone's legal practice (collection of overdue debts, contracts, bankruptcy, etc.); one letter is written to him by a stepson, C. F. Merrick, who was attending Bowdoin College; and there is a manuscript copy of a Stone letter to Jefferson Davis requesting Judah P. Benjamin's address and a photocopy of a letter of introduction to Benjamin from Davis on Stone's behalf. A few of these items relate to T. A. Burditt. Also a part of this collection is a newspaper, Lewiston Evening Journal (Lewiston, Maine) June 28, 1894, devoted to Bowdoin College. In this issue is a memoir of the 1875 reunion of the class of 1825, including Stone.

    The second part of the collection consists of three diaries kept by Thomas A. Burditt in Hazlehurst, beginning in 1864 and continuing until a few days before his death. The diary entries are made in volumes that were also (or had been) used as account books. Entries are terse, and weather observations predominate. However, crop notes, family news and the peregrinations of Stone, referred to as Judge, are also included. Interspersed are short phrases commenting on the Civil War and Reconstruction. One of the series of account entries deals with piano and organ sales. 
    Burditt, Thomas Andrews (I24831)
    109 1850 in Whitehall,NY (also his sister Delia is living with him), Occupation: Merchant. 1860 living in Troy,NY Burdett, George C. (I19020)
    110 1850 living in Allen twp, Allegany Co.,NY Stewart, Charles C. (I9721)
    111 1850 living in Amherst,Lorian Co.,Ohio, aged 75 - with his daughter's family (Freman and Eunice Richmond). Gillett, Wilkes (I4641)
    112 1850 living in Castile,Wyoming Co.,NY near his brother Miles. Sleight, Martin Harmon (I10983)
    113 1850 living in Dana,MA Burditt, Joseph (I14170)
    114 1850 living in Dana,MA next to her brother Joseph Burditt Burditt, Rachel (I14171)
    115 1850 living in East Bloomfield.
    1860 living in Tekonsha,Calhoun Co.,MI 
    Fisher, Lorinda (I15577)
    116 1850 living in Freedom,Cattaraugus Co.,NY. 1860 in Dansville, Steuben Co.,NY Reed, Lynus (I5709)
    117 1850 living in Grand Blanc,Genesee Co.,MI as a Mechanic with wife Elizabeth. Was in Michigan in 1854, at the time of his brother James' death. Hartman, Allen M. (I11197)
    118 1850 living in Hornellsville, Steuben Co., NY with her husband, Henry Keefer.(also in home is a Comfort Cartwright -not sure the connection to the family...possibly another child of Dorcas..maybe a marriage between Joseph and Henry??? Note: is 1884 census states she had 4 children)
  • 1855 living in Hornellsville as Dorcas Keefer, age 35 (as of 6Jul1855), with her parents, son and daughter(Cornelia)and her sisters family Hannah and Silas Whitford.
  • 1860 living in Titusville,Crawford Co.,PA at a tavernhouse.
  • 1865 living in Ellington,Chautaugua Co.,NY as Dorcas Dunham with her husband, Salmon Dunham and daughter, Carrie Salsbury(age 24). Dorcas shown as having 4 children, married twice and once now.
  • 1870 living in Oil Creek,Crawford Co.,PA as Dorcas Dunham (age 50), with husband, Salmon and daughter, Carrie (age 29).
  • 1880 living in Hornellsville,Steuben Co.,NY, as Dorcas Keefer (widowed, aged 60) with her son Henry Keefer.
  • 1884 living in Vestaburg,Montcalm Co.,MI, as Dorcas Vincent (married, aged 64) with her husband Peter Vincent. Record states she had four children. Also, states she had been in the state for 6 years (can only assume she went to live with her daughter, Cornelia, leaving Salmon and there she met Peter). 
  • Whitford, Dorcas (I11665)
    119 1850 living in Manchester,Ontario Co.,NY,,as is his brother-in-law John Stewart. 1860 and 1870 living in Almond.
    1875 and 1880 living in Dansville,Steuben Co.,NY with wife Amy and Grandson William A. (granddaughter Emma there in 1875) ...1891 still living in Dansville(Arkport)

    According to his sister, Hannah's Surrogate notice in the LeRoy newspaper he also had a relation named Leona Birch, Emma Ramsey, and Mrs.Allen Johnson that I can't find how they are connected (or birthdate, residence). See his sister Hannah's bio for list of individuals named (note first six names are her lawyer, physician, neighbors, etc.)  
    Allen, Wesson (I2387)
    120 1850 living in Manchester,Ontario County as a Laborer, with his family and niece Rhoda Stewart.
    1855 in Almond, In 1860 John's name is spelled Steward and is living in Almond,
    1865 in Hornellsville and 1870 in Hornellsville.
    1875 living in West Almond and in 1880 his wife is living with their son John Jr., in Hornellsville. 
    Stewart, John (I204)
    121 1850 living in Michigan (Eagle, Cliniton Co.,MI) with her son Artemus. Cooper, Abigail (I4785)
    122 1850 living in Mohawk,NY working as a Laborer, living with Peter and
    Elizabeth Coryhock. Not in 1860 census with wife Lucinda in
    Cole, Tunis (I12514)
    123 1850 living in Nashua,NH (and his children George and Francis are in Canaan,CT with the James Bunce family).

    It was in 1867 that the then idle property of the Idaho Iron Company, founded in 1861 by Sherman Jaqua, was bought by the firm of Cooke Brothers (John, Watts, William, and James) and altered into a mill to make ordinary bar iron.

    Sherman Jaqua of Paterson NJ was 42 years old when he invented the locomotive wheel, patent # 37,206 for 'Rolling tires for Locomotive wheels' on Dec 16 1862 An adjustable frame and several sets of rollers were the basis of this invention. It seems that 'tires' are actually iron or steel wheels for trains.

    1880 living in Chatham,NY as a farmer with his wife, Mary. 
    Jaqua, Sherman (I39239)
    124 1850 living in Parishville,St.Lawrence Co.,NY, working as a Shoemaker Burditt, Amasa (I8238)
    125 1850 Living in South Reading as a Shoemaker, with daughter Sarah
    Burditt, Michael (I8218)
    126 1850 Living in South Reading with his mother and step-father Nathan Slocumb. John is a Shoemaker Burditt, John Woodward (I19486)
    127 1850 living in South Reading,MA as a Shoemaker Burditt, Joseph (I19470)
    128 1850 living in South Reading,MA as a Shoemaker Burditt, Joseph (I19493)
    129 1850 living in South Reading,MA...occupation:Shoemaker Crane, James (I19463)
    130 1850 living in Sparta,Livingston Co.,NY - with wife and brother Samuel.
    1860 in Wellsville working as a Fireman
    1870 in Angelica with wife and children - next door to Jackson Clemons (possibly a brother), working as a farmer.
    1880 in Wellsville as a farmer. 
    Clemons, Chesterfield F. (I35540)
    131 1850 living in Wayland,NY Shoemaker, Benjamin (I5546)
    132 1850 Living in Wirt,Allegany Co.,NY with her sister Sally. 1860 census living in Wirt,Allegany Co.,NY, "Betsey Allen, aged 80, b.CT"
  • 1826 Purchased land in Marcellus on lot 29 for $190 belong to her Allen Wightman, deceased, and his widow Rhoda and apparently son, Amariah of Boliver, Allegany Co.,NY. Sold to Sally Wightman, Lucy Wightman and Betsey Allen. (Book KK, Page 362)
  • Betsey Allen and other(siblings) split the lot(29) and sold it in June 1833 - land record stated she was 'of Skaneateles'  
  • Wightman, Elizabeth (I7066)
    133 1850 living with Allen McMichael in Spring Arbor, MI -- also there is a Thomas McMichael (age 21 - MI)  McMichael, George (I21021)
    134 1850 living with her brother, Francis in Hornellsville.
    1855 with husband, Asa Whitford in Hornellsville
    1860 living alone in Dansville,Steuben Co.,NY.
    1865 in Dansville (shows having had one children and married 3 times???) 
    Colegrove, Hannah (I12242)
    135 1850 living with her father in Lynnfield,MA with Joseph and Samuel
    Mansfield, Mary M. (I19477)
    136 1850 living with her father in Rushford,NY
    1865 living with her sister, Mary Lee, Allen's Hill,NY (Next to Sleight cousins, Andrew and Fanny).
    Her named is spelled Alertia A. Sleight in the record online, marriage performed by Rev. S. Mills Day, Pastor of the Congregational Church of Honeoye 1862-1905. Record shows she is from Allen's Hill and Ira is from Leicester)
    1880 living in Gainesville,NY 
    Sleight, Celestia A. (I21360)
    137 1850 living with her father(John Dow) and step-mother(Temperance), in Reading, NY. Also with her two children; Amy(18) and Andrew J.(16) and niece, Priscilla Davis(21)

  • 1865 living in Reading with her daughter, Amy, and son in law, Richard Foot. census record that she was the parent of three children. 
  • Dow, Polly (I2679)
    138 1850 living with her mother and stepfather in Hornellsville, Steuben Co., NY.

    1855 living in Hornellsville as Cornelia Stewart, age 14 (as of 6Jul1855), with her grandparents(Whitford), mother and half-brother(Henry Keefer) and her Aunts family Hannah and Silas Whitford.

    1860 -- unknown

    1865 living in Ellington,Chautaugua Co.,NY as 'Carrie Salsbury' age 24, with her mother, Dorcas Dunham. Carrie shown having no children, married once and now married.

    1870 living in Oil Creek,Crawford Co,PA as 'Carrie Dunham', age 29, with her mother and stepfather (Salmon Dunham).

    1880 -- unknown (probably married to Mr.Glotz at the time) The 1884 census says she had been in the state 7 years, so she should be in Michigan in 1880.

    1884 living in Vestaburg,Montcalm Co.,MI as 'Cornelia Vincent' aged 42, born NY, working as housekeeper and servant in the house of John Bromm(single, aged 32). She is shown as married, having lived in the state for 7 years. Also in the home shows her son, Charles Glotz, son, aged 10, born Penn.

    1894 living in Coleman,Midland Co.,MI, as 'Carrie Bromm', aged 53, with her son Charles Bromm, aged 20 and John G. Bromm(married, aged 42). She is shown as being born in Scotland, as is her father, with mother born in New York. At the time of the census the records states she is paralyzed on the left side and having lived in the state for 13 years. shows having had 5 children, 1 living.

  • She is not the Cornelia Stewart that married Thomas Powell, of West Sparta, Livingston Co, New York. 
  • Stewart, Cornelia M. (I12239)
    139 1850 living with her son William in Washington twp. Weiss, Mary (I3433)
    140 1850 living with his Allen McMichael in Spring Arbor,MI - also living there is George McMichael ( MI) McMichael, Thomas (I21022)
    141 1850 living with his Aunt Sarah Rau(Rowe) in Springwater,NY Johns, Robert (I36282)
    142 1850 living with his father-in-law, Henry Burditt, working as a
    Merchant. 1860 living in San Francisco working as a Grocer, living
    with wife Mary and possibly daughters Helen and Minnie. 1870 still in
    San Francisco working as Retail Grocer living with wife Mary and
    daughter Minnie. 1880 living in San Rafael,CA working as a Retail
    Grocer living with wife Mary and daughter Minnie and her husband
    George F. Mills, also grandchildren Etheline Watson(6) and Frank
    Watson(age 4). 
    Haskell, George L. (I25171)
    143 1850 living with his Uncle Noyes Benton (and grandparents, Ichabod and Esther) Hawkins, Elias W. (I43836)
    144 1850 living with the Robertson family as a servant Hawkins, Harriet (I43841)
    145 1850 living with the Sweester Family in South Reading,MA, occupation: Shoemaker
  • 1860 Still living with the Sweester family - 'feeble mind'
  • 1865 South Reading - Pauper - same almshouse as John and Keziah Burditt (their daughter Susan is with the Davis family in Saugus, MA)
  • 1870 Wakefield with the Tuttle Family (Almshouse) - also Keziah, Susan and George. Same home as Rosella Solcomb and her 3 daughters - Rosella's mother was Maria Burditt Brown.
  • Burditt, Warren (I19460)
    146 1850 occ. listed as a Sailor, living with his in-laws Persons, Captain Edward Nathan (I13206)
    147 1850 Sullivan,PA
    SMITH CHARLES 50 m NJ Farmer $9,000 72
    Elizabeth 44 f NJ
    Mary 15 f PA
    George 17 m PA
    Jason 13 m PA
    Jonathon 10 m PA
    William 6 m PA
    Charles Jr. 19 m PA 
    Smith, Charles (I4193)
    148 1850 through 1869 living in East Bloomfield,NY. About 1870 removed to
    Liverpool,Medina Co.,OH. In 1880, George is living with his family in
    Wayland,Allegan Co.,MI 
    Spencer, George Jr. (I25638)
    149 1850, 1860, 1865 in Richmond with family.
    In 1870 she and her two children are living in Lackawaxen,Pike Co.,PA
    In 1880 census Lucinda is living in Honeoye as a Dressmaker, 
    McMichael, Lucinda (I2313)
    150 1850, an innkeeper in Rockingham,VT in 1820 living in Grafton with 2
    daughters under 10 
    Burdett, Abel (I8236)

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