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151 1855 census North Dansville (Margaret Eaton ae.36) and 1850 census
North Dansville, #245 (C. P. Eaton), "Margt. Eaton, ae.28, b.NY" 
Hartman, Margaret (I11194)
152 1855 census of Hector - Alma is living with her son William - however still shows her as married, not widowed. Leonard, Alma (I15020)
153 1855 census states she had 11 children Stivers, Jenette (I5064)
154 1855 census states, born NJ, came to this county in 1788 Staley, Abraham (I14560)
155 1855 census West Sparta, #53 (Eaton Hartman), "Marilla Hartman, granddaughter, ae.11 Livingston Co."
  • 1860 census West Sparta, #298 (Eden Hartman), "Marilla Hartman, ae.16"
  • 1865 census Salamanca, William France, "Marita France, b. Steuben Co." 
  • Hartman, Marilla (I8585)
    156 1855 census(#88) shows him living in Groveland and has been for 20 years. With his family then is a grandson George M. Sickley aged 6, born Livingston County and an adopted daughter Nancy Ames aged 4, born Steuben County. He was a Church Elder for the Groveland Presbyterian Church, installed Oct 1852. Gray, John (I2405)
    157 1855 his "sister-in-law" Rebecca Whitford is living with his family in Hornellsville. Davenport, George (I49748)
    158 1855 in Doonnagurroge, Killimer Parish, Kilrush Union (There is also an Anthony O'Dea living there as well)

    O'Dea, Patrick (I16214)
    159 1855 in Scio,NY - Adopted son of Cyrus and Luanna Furnald

  • Admitted to the Veterans Home of Disabled in Aug1913, at the time was a widow, aged 72, 5'5", 140lbs, dark complexion, black hair, grey eyes, blacksmith, resided Eau Claire, names daughters, Mabel Norman and Addie Ellington, of Kelso, Washington. 
  • Stewart, Ira G. (I14490)
    160 1855 listed as Theordora (aged 10months) in the 1850 census (no James listed). In 1855, 1860, 1865 census. Hartman, James Theodore (I10228)
    161 1855 living in Bath - Elizabeth's niece, Sarah Brooks, with them.
    1860 living in Bath, with husband, David Bennett, and her brother John Brooks. 
    Brooks, Elizabeth (I48682)
    162 1855 living in Buffalo, NY since 1847 working as a Policeman. Wagner, Johann Valentin (I41419)
    163 1855 living in Hornellsville with his father-in-law, Asa Whitford, had been here since 1844. In 1856 he removed to Crawford Co.,PA. as a farmer Whitford, Silas C. (I12254)
    164 1855 living in Liberty,NY (also in household is "Martha Hawkins, cousin, age 13, b.Sullivan Co.," - Martha is also shown in her mother and Stepfather's(Judson Lair) house in 1855 census) - this links Nancy Brown Ray to the John Brown and Hannah Benton (as well as Ichabod Benton, her father). Plus with the added DNA connection... Brown, Nancy Jane (I43825)
    165 1855 living with Eaton Hartman family as a laborer. Also, in household, William Woodworth(40), and Charles Drake(27) Muchler, John Randolph (I16183)
    166 1855 living with John Cassell family in Dansville, working as a housekeeper. Heller, Susan (I24052)
    167 1855 living with the Abram Wyant family as an apprentice. Stewart, Charles Edward (I14489)
    168 1855 M.E. Hughes, aged 13 living with parents
    1860 Mary E. Hughes, aged 18 with parents
    1865 Mary E. Hughes, 23, living with parents 
    Hughes, Mary E. (I5612)
    169 1855 Mary aged 14, with mother in N.Dansville.
    Probably not the Mary A. Hughes that married Albert Covell (buried in Greeemount Cemetery) 
    Hughes, Mary A. (I5617)
    170 1855 South Reading with John(66), and Susan(3)
  • 1860 South Reading John(76), Susan(8)
  • 1865 Pauper in South Reading with John(76) also in home was Warren Burditt. Her daughter, Susan(13) is with the Davis family in Saugus,MA.
  • 1870 Pauper in Almshome with Warren Burditt, Susan and George(4/12), house also included Rosella Slocumb (her mother was Maria Burditt Brown - John's brother, Joseph granddaughter)
  • City Directory's 1886-1892 list her as widow of John Burditt. 
  • Ramsdell, Keziah (I22583)
    171 1855 West Almond, Allegany Co.,NY
  • 1860 Hornellsville,Steuben Co.,NY with Olive and children; Alexander, Hannah, Henry, Frank, and Alphonzo.
  • 1865 Dansville,Steuben Co.,NY with Olive and children; Henry, Alfonse, Franklin and Francs(Anna)
  • 1870 Dansville,Steuben Co.,NY
  • 1875 Dansville,Steuben Co.,NY with Olive, sons, Frank and Melvin.
  • 1880 Dansville,Steuben Co.,NY with his wife, Olive, and daughter Anna. Next door to his brother James and his wife Olive (this Olive died at her sons home in Wheeler in 1898) 
  • Maynard, Calvin (I12262)
    172 1855 with his mother in Canandaigua. Living with his Uncle Merrit White in 1860 Ontario County New York. Fisher, Franklin A. (I15581)
    173 1855 with widowed mother in Sparta
    1860 with sister, Paulina Hamsher, Sparta 
    Hughes, Mary (I5626)
    174 1855, Liberty, NY, shown living with her mother and stepfather, Judson Lair. Also, shown living with her cousin Nancy Brown Ray. Hawkins, Martha (I43837)
    175 1855-Manchester,Ontario Co.,NY - 6 years in town (with wife Eliza(20-3yrs in town) and daughter Lettie(2))
    1860-NiagaraFalls,Niagara Co.,NY (with wife Clara(29) and daughter Lottie)
    1862-Enlisted in Civil War
    1865-Married Caroline Latch in Waterloo,Ontario,Canada
    West, Silas Clark Hamilton (I45578)
    176 1858 living in York Co.,ON Staley, Baltus (I16507)
    177 1858 while living in Bradford,PA, filed for pension for his service in the War of 1812.  Tanner, William (I44306)
    178 1858Nov11 (Book26/p156) - Ichabod H. Brown and Mary C. Brown his wife sold his farm in Damacus,Wayne Co.,PA to Alexander Reynolds for $800, 50 acres (same tract of land conveyed by Heli Skinner to Hannah Brown in 1846 and sold to Ichabod in 1856).
  • 1863Aug27 - Register for Civil War Draft, living in Damascus,PA, farmer, b.NY, aged 35
  • 1870 farmer in Damascus,PA
  • 1880 farmer in Damascus,PA 
  • Brown, Henry Ichabod (I34074)
    179 1860 and 1870 Lucinda was living in Dansville,NY. Possibly later resided in Mt.Morris,NY Prentiss, Lucinda (I3106)
    180 1860 census "David M. Hughes, ae.3" Hughes, David Martin (I3048)
    181 1860 census Granby,Oswego Co.,NY p.376 or 1860 census Tully,Onondaga
    Co.,NY p.040 
    Allen, Margaret (I11654)
    182 1860 census in Lysander,Onondaga Co.,NY p.125 Allen, Ebenezer (I11657)
    183 1860 census last name spelled McKierman. Hugh's occupation is a
    McKiernan, Hugh (I11651)
    184 1860 census list him working at the Nursery in Dansville. Hartman, James (I10192)
    185 1860 census lists him as Frederick Jr. Lander, Frederick William (I5229)
    186 1860 census living in Dansville,Steuben Co.,NY as a Carriage and Wagon
    Whitford, Ezekiel (I18289)
    187 1860 Census Mortality Schedule states that Nathaniel Fish died of 'Spasms' (aged 29 years, farm laborer, married). Fish, Nathaniel (I10628)
    188 1860 census North Dansville, #1059 (Josiah Hartman), "Ida A. Hartman, ae.3" and 1870 census North Dansville, #181 (Josiah Hartman), "Ida Hartman, ae. 12" and 1875 census North Dansville, #17 (Josiah M. Hartman), "Ida Hartman, ae. 16"  Hartman, Ida Adella (I3070)
    189 1860 census of West Sparta names Hiram Hartman, ae. 43, farming with a $4,000 value of real estate and $675 value of personal property. 1870 census of West Sparta; Hiram Hartman, ae. 58, farmer, and Ellen Hartman, ae. 30. 1870 real estate value $10,000 and personal property value $1,000.

    Death of Hiram Hartman
    Hiram Hartman died at his home in West Sparta, Tuesday morning, from a long illness and a stroke of paralysis he sustained two weeks ago, at the age of nearly ninety years. He was born on the farm where Monroe Hartman now lives and was a farmer all his life, He was married four times but none of his wives are living. He leaves two daughters, Mrs. T. M. Muchler and Mrs. Schuyler Thompson, and a brother Monroe Hartman. Mr. Hartman's body was removed to the home of Mr. Muchler from which place funeral services will be held today and he will be buried at Kysorville. Rev. J. W. Archibald officated.
    (Dansville Express, 10 Oct 1907) 
    Hartman, Hiram (I5169)
    190 1860 census states he was blind and shows no occupation. Krell, Johann Wilhelm (I38870)
    191 1860 census West Sparta, p.637 (Hiram Hartman), "Amidon S. Hartman, ae. 10/12"

  • In Sparta, Feb.10, Amidon, son of Hiram and Lucinda Hartman, aged 2 years, 7 months and 9 days.
    (Dansville Advertiser, Dansville, New York, Thursday, February 13, 1862) 
  • Hartman, Amidon S. (I7495)
    192 1860 census, Daniel and Ann Peckham are living with Stephen Peckham,
    Daniel's profession is "Boating". In 1900 they were living in
    Hornellsville. They had one child, that died before 1900. 
    Hartman, Anna (I7074)
    193 1860 census, she is living with Abner Allen and is a school teacher. Allen, Jeanette (I2374)
    194 1860 cenus Leroy Allen is living in the town of Almond, and his Post Office address is Andover (1860 census Almond,Allegany Co.,NY (Leroy Allin) "Leroy Allin, ae.30"). In the town records of Almond in 1862 and 1863, LeRoy did some repairs on the Highway and was paid for that work. He apparently died before 1914, as he is not named in his sister, Ordelia's obituary.  Allen, LeRoy (I2344)
    195 1860 Eugene was working in Angelica with his Uncle Hiram Bowen, a Lawyer in Angelica. Ferrin, Eugene (I2400)
    196 1860 in Hornellsville as a farm laborer. In Wayland in 1850 (aged 26
    and wife aged 21) 
    Whitford, Augustus (I18329)
    197 1860 in Howard,NY, very near his Aunt Catherine Dunham. John Leonard
    in Howard,NY 1880. In 1900 living with his daughter Hannah Belle
    Leonard, John J. (I23083)
    198 1860 in Newark,NJ; 1870 and 1880 living in St.Albans,Franklin Co.,VT Burditt, Delia E. (I21978)
    199 1860 living in Almond. Allen, Orlow (I2342)
    200 1860 living in Brattleboro working as a Rule Maker(with a Machinist)
    Possibly the Lelle Burditt aged 33 in 1850 living in an Inn in
    Brattleboro, working as a Rule Maker 
    Burdett, Lewis M. (I22030)

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