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301 1880 living in Keating,McKean Co.,PA working in a saw mill Burdick, Adelbert (I4344)
302 1880 Living in Keene,NH and working in the Chair Manufacturing Co. Burditt, Eli Howard (I19544)
303 1880 living in Lynn,MA as a Shoecutter, with his wife and son Melvin
and grandson Henry W.(ae.7) 
Burditt, George (I19469)
304 1880 living in Lynn,MA with his brother Edward Burditt, James R. (I25461)
305 1880 living in Marathon,NY Winter, Doctor Elisha (I26328)
306 1880 living in New Haven,CT Burdett, Arthur Stanley (I19443)
307 1880 living in Newton,Harvey Co.,Kansas Curry, George Washington (I30420)
308 1880 living in Paola, Kansas, working as a House Carpenter, with wife Marietta, daughter Lena, Aly Lyon Rudd, and grandson Arthur Rudd.

  • William Mavor Lyon Died at his home in Upper Lake, Lake County, CA, April 19, 1905. Mr. Lyon was born in Naples July 28, 1824, and lived here until after his marriage to Antoinette Watkins, daughter of the late Bingham Watkins. In 1858 he removed to Cass County, MI, where his wife died, leaving him with a family of eight children, five girls and three boys, all of whom survive him. Mr. Lyon went to California in the eighties, and had since resided there. Though not in the best of health for some years, Mr. Lyon had been able to be around the house and was ill only for a short time. In his last hours, mentally, he was in Naples visiting old friends and seeing old places. Deceased is survived by his children and by three brothers, Sanford, of Grand Rapids, MI; Porter J., of Happy Camp, CA, and Irving M. Lyon, of this village.
    (The Naples Record, 5 May 1905) 
  • Lyon, William Mavory (I32985)
    309 1880 living in Phila(527 Front Street) with his father and step-mother  Robinson, John (I39072)
    310 1880 living in Prattsburg as a Farmer with two children and his wife,
    Ann, and brother Robert(b.1813 Scotland) 
    Harris, Thomas (I6092)
    311 1880 living in St.Clair,St.Clair Co.,MI working as a farmer. 1910
    living in Sandusky,Sanilac Co.,MI with his son-in-law 
    Staley, Orson H. (I24439)
    312 1880 living in Washington,BuchananCo.,Iowa as a farmer Clark, Osborn (I22850)
    313 1880 living in Wayne Co.,NY working as a Lawyer. Both Parents born in
    Clark, Robert V. (I12161)
    314 1880 living with her brother George in Cumminsville Zerfass, Margretta (I5660)
    315 1880 living with her daughter, Lydia in Davenport,Iowa.. 1880 census shows father born in Ireland and mother in Connecticut.
    1865 census shows she had 9 children. 
    Akin, Mary (I18478)
    316 1880 living with her sister Martha Ferris in Chester,NY Burditt, Israel E. (I21973)
    317 1880 living with her uncle James McDermott, Maria (I19934)
    318 1880 living with his Aunt and Uncle, Henry and Maria Snyder of Groveland,NY. Gray, Philip (I46286)
    319 1880 living with his brother-in-law, John H. Hartman in Sparta. Bailor, Chester William (I10381)
    320 1880 living with his brother-in-law, Lewis Davis, working at the creamery Gray, Ira D. (I32611)
    321 1880 living with his mother and step-father(Horace Wolcott) in Geneseo,NY Artman, Milton E. (I36531)
    322 1880 living with his uncle James McDermott, Michael (I19933)
    323 1880 living with Sardis Hack in Brandon,VT. 1900 living in Brandon,VT Burditt, George Nathan (I25350)
    324 1880 she was living with her mother in Clinton,WI Meloy, Julia Eliza (I22222)
    325 1880 shown as Willie Whitford, 1860 shown as George Whitford Whitford, George William (I18308)
    326 1880 working as a Shoemaker in Westborough,MA Burditt, Jerome Wayland (I19434)
    327 1880 working on the Caleb Sawyer farm in Viloa,Olmstead Co.,MN
    1930 living in Madison,WI owner of a Billard parlor with wife Emma 
    Meloy, Jessie L. (I22233)
    328 1880, a teacher Wadsworth, Theodora (I20550)
    329 1880, single, living in West Almond with his Aunt Minerva Rathbon.
    Next door to Alvin Stewart. 
    Drake, Joseph R. (I12238)
    330 1880-89 living at 139 Dana Street Robinson, Thomas (I39064)
    331 1881 Ada and Fred Jackson living with his family, most likely children
    of oldest Daughter Alice. 
    Staley, John William (I24737)
    332 1881 census in Flos,Simcoe North,ON (first name spelled Lemmet) Staley, Leonard Salsbury (I24319)
    333 1881 census states he was born in USA - of German origin Staley, George (I24320)
    334 1881 living in Geneseo as a farmer with 153 acres of land. Haynes, John Henry Sinclair (I13291)
    335 1881 Living in Geneseo as a Grocer with 60 acres of land. Haynes, James Charles Gaylord (I13290)
    336 1881 living with her sister in Dakota. Haynes, Sarah W. (I3657)
    337 1881 residing in Dakota. Haynes, Harriet E. (I3658)
    338 1881, widowed living in Markham,York Co.,ON Staley, James (I24323)
    339 1891 in North Cohocton,Steuben Co.,NY Stuart, Doctor Edward P. (I12445)
    340 1891 living in Gateshead, Durham Co., England, as a Beer house Keeper. His grandfather, Thomas Drew (age 80), is living with he and his wife.

    Samuel James Drew was born in Essex, England. He married Mary Shone, sister of Joseph Shone. After working as beerhouse keeper in Gateshead, England, Samuel and Mary immigrated to the USA in 1908. Unfortunately, the couple were barely in the country when Samuel died. The cause of death was related to the liver. He was only 52 at time of death. Samuel's last known residence was in Peckville, Lackawanna County, PA. Samuel is buried in the Shone burial plot.

    Mary Drew, also known as Polly, stayed on in Peckville working for her brother Joseph at his hotel, but eventually returned to England where she died. 
    Drew, Samuel James (I39529)
    341 1893 living in Pittsburg,PA - named as a sponsor on the ship records for his niece, Susan Myers. McMahon, Dennis (I1650)
    342 1893 member of the First Presbyterian Church (Buffalo, N.Y.). 1890 living at 383 Fargo Ave., Buffalo, working as a Lawyer. 1900 living in Buffalo with his family (also his mother), Joel is working as a Lawyer. In the 1910 census Joel is living in Seattle, Washington and his wife and son are with her mother in Bath,NY. The 1920 census - Joel is still in Seattle and listed as Divorced, the same year Jennie, living with her mother, is listed as a Widow in the 1920 census in Bath,NY.

    Steuben Farmers' Advocate
    Bath, NY
    Wednesday, June 12, 1929
    HOWARD— J. W. Russell, a former resident of this section died May 27 in Seattle, Wash. The body arrived here last Wednesday evening and funeral services were held at the home of Fay Bennett. Mr. Russell was 72 years old and at one time practiced law in Buffalo before going to Seattle about 20 years ago. He was the senior member of the law firm of Russell & Blim. He is survived by his widow and one son Franklin of New York. He was buried in the Howard cemetery.

    The Evening Leader
    Corning, NY
    Friday June 7, 1929, Page 3
    BATH, June 7.— Advice has been received here of the death of J. W. Russell at Seattle, Wash., on Tuesday. Mr. Russell was a native of the neighboring town of Howard; he studied law in the office of the late John F. Little in Bath, and had been successfully engaged as an attorney in the state of Washington for more than 20 years. He leaves a widow and a son, Franklyn. He was about 65 years old. The remains are expected to be brought here for burial at Howard.

    The Steuben Courier
    Bath, New York
    Friday June 7, 1929, page 7
    J. W. Russell Dies in Seattle
    Word came to Bath on Wednesday that J. W. Russell, a former resident here, had died at Seattle, and that his body would be brought here for burial in the family plot in Howard. | Mr. Russell is survived by his wife and by one son, Franklin. It is expected that his remains will reach Bath in about ten days. 
    Russell, Joel William (I1505)
    343 1893 of Buns,Allegany Co.,NY Schwingle, Appolonia (I11428)
    344 1893 of Corning,NY Schwingle, George (I11430)
    345 1897 living in the city of Hornell at 22 East Ave., working as a
    Railroad Engineer. 1920 living with his son Burdett in Dunkirk,NY
    working as a Railroad Engineer. 
    Hendee, Myron Scott (I1802)
    346 1899 moved to Youngstown,Ohio - working as a Teamster Gray, John Walter (I3450)
    347 1900 - Josephine Dunning is living with Lewis and Jane. (Josephine would be a step-daughter to Jane's mother) Davis, Lewis Alvin (I32610)
    348 1900 1758 Lambert Street, Phila.,PA .. casemaker Robinson, Benjamain V. (I39068)
    349 1900 a carpenter living in Hornellsville.

  • Morgan Price, who has been suffering a long time of chronic Bright's disease, was taken to the Bethesda hospital Sunday a.m. and his death occurred about two o'clock the same day. He leaves one son, Henry, of Hornell. His wife died about twelve years ago. Since then he has lived alone in Arkport. He has been a resident of Arkport nearly forty years, and is well known by the people of this place. The funeral will occur Tuesday at two o'clock from the Robertson Undertaking Parlors and the burial will be in Dansville.
    (The Evening Tribune, Hornell, Steuben County, New York, Wednesday, September 8, 1926) 
  • Price, Morgan Henry (I21860)
    350 1900 a farmer in Putney,VT. In 1920, Postmaster in Putney,VT. Burditt, Frank Artemas (I17685)

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