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451 1910 census living with his daughter, Jessie Morrison.
  • Daniel Blank, one of the best known citizens in this vicinity, passed away at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Joseph Morrison of South Canaseraga last Thursday afternoon, at the advanced age of 86 years, death resulting from heart disease and old age. Deceased was a man universally respected, not only in the community where he lived, but by all who knew him. He is survived by four children, two daughters, Mrs. Joseph Morrison, with whom he lived, and Mrs. A. Franklin of Birdsall, two sons, Ed Blank of Hornell and Charles Blank of South Canaseraga. He also leaves three brothers, Charles of Hemlock, David of Canisteo, and Henry of Gas Springs, and one sister, Mrs. Pebbit of Springwater. The funeral took place from the M.E. church Sunday afternoon at two o'clock, Rev. J.A. Gardner officiating, and was largely attended. Burial in Canaseraga cemetery. Weed Post G.A.R., of which he was an honored member, attended the funeral in body.
    (The Canaseraga Times, Friday, June 24, 1910) 
  • Blank, Sergeant Daniel L. (I7085)
    452 1910 census Springwater,Livingston Co.,NY, sheet #65 (Mahlon
    Mitchell), "Mahlon Mitchell, 29, married 7yrs, b.NY, parents b.NY" 
    Mitchell, Mahlon (I2601)
    453 1910 he is living at home and a teacher by occupation. US Army
    Officer in 1920 
    Lown, Rollo (I22149)
    454 1910 in Illinois with Frank. 1920 widowed, living in Geneseo,NY with her mother and sister Alice. 1930 in Geneseo with sisters Alice and Mary. Gray, Clara Helena (I13577)
    455 1910 in St.Ignace, working as a Railroad Conductor Litchard, George Abel (I10376)
    456 1910 living at 123 Fenner Street, working as a weaver Bazinet, Albert (I14573)
    457 1910 Living at 52 Arlington St. in Leominster,MA working at the comb
    Burditt, Ernest G. (I17267)
    458 1910 living at 802 Lowell Street in Ypsilant,MI,,occupation: driver Snidecor, Hebert Courtland (I19671)
    459 1910 Living at Camp Jossman, Guimaras, Philippines. West, Ella M. (I45729)
    460 1910 living at home working for the Railroad Douglas, George Lewis (I22369)
    461 1910 living at home working for the railroad. 1930 Living in Port Jervis, working at the Erie Railroad shop as a Machinist. Douglas, Charles Lawrence (I22371)
    462 1910 living in Alfred with William H. Miller ad in Ward,NY in 1920. 1930 with husband, Linus S. Graham in Angelica. 1940 in Angelica County Home. Allen, Eveline (I1768)
    463 1910 living in Almond. Miller, Frederick P. (I3372)
    464 1910 living in Ann Arbor,Michigan as a Contruction contractor Sleight, Henry Lyman (I2171)
    465 1910 living in Boston,MA working as a Lawyer Burditt, Everett Watson (I27949)
    466 1910 living in Boston,MA. In 1945 he was living in the Bronx,NY Burditt, Byron Henry Dean (I24778)
    467 1910 living in Burns. In 1920, Allen was living in Dansville, as a laborer with Emma Weber. He is listed as a Widower. His children are living with his in-laws in Angelica,NY. Custodian of Angelica Central School. Wallace, Allen Wilber (I4557)
    468 1910 living in Canedea,Allegany Co.,NY (grandmother Electa also living with her). 1920 in Batavia,Genesee Co.,NY. Gray, Myrtle (I32623)
    469 1910 living in Erie Co.,PA with wife and granddaugter Josephine Trill Whitford, Joseph S. (I12255)
    470 1910 living in Franklinville,NY. 1930 living in Hornell,NY; Divorced
    working as a Janitor at the local Theater. In 1920, living with wife
    Emma, working as a Printer. 1950 living in Hornell 
    Wallace, Paul Earl (I4553)
    471 1910 living in Gloversville, working as a Glove maker, single. In the
    same household are his mother, Ella and grandmother Catherine, and
    Uncle William Smith(aged 66, single) 
    Staley, Arthur Francis (I25923)
    472 1910 living in Grand Rapids,MI with his wife Elizabeth. Spencer, Grant K. (I25647)
    473 1910 Living in Grove,Allegany Co.,NY, working as a Servant(Aged 10).
    1920 living in Granger, working on a farm. later lived in Centerville.
    1930 living with the Reese family. He visited his adopted sister,
    Helen in the 1920's, she was never told she was adopted so he was
    unfortuately not welcomed by her adopted parents. 
    Ferrin, Clyde Eugene (I12341)
    474 1910 living in Groveland, near the Linton family with wife Adeline and
    adopted son Thomas Jay. Edward lived where Leo Linton was living in
    Bennett, Edward E. (I13352)
    475 1910 living in Hornell, working as a Brakemen for the Railroad Pinch, Harry R. (I23720)
    476 1910 living in Lynn,St.Clair Co.,MI working as a farmer. In 1920,
    living in Flint,Genesee Co.,MI working in an Auto Factory 
    Litchard, Loren E. (I10375)
    477 1910 living in Minerva,NY working as a Carpenter Burditt, Orrin L. (I17204)
    478 1910 living in NYC as a Post Office Clerk Burditt, William E. (I30956)
    479 1910 living in Pavilion,Genesee Co.,NY working as a driller for the
    Gas company. (Name spelled Valora in 1910. Possibly Valoris,
    possibly the Valoris Monroe, born in Argle,Washnigton Co.,NY s/o Hiram
    D. Monroe) 
    Monroe, Velorus (I29275)
    480 1910 living in Pittsford,VT working as a hired man. Burditt, Everett Franklin (I17212)
    481 1910 living in Rutland Co.,VT Burditt, Arthur Frank (I17170)
    482 1910 living in Scott, Wayne Co.,PA.
    1920 back in Sparta with wife Maggie
    1930 listed as an inmate at the St.Lawrence State Hospital in Ogdensburg,NY. 
    Hartman, Josiah H. Jr. (I10249)
    483 1910 living in the Elms home in Angelica,Allegany Co.,NY, aged 7
    years. 1920 living in Warren,Warren Co.,PA as a border, aged 17. 
    Ferrin, Winfred Raymond (I26996)
    484 1910 living in Titusville,PA with his wife. Belknap, Albert Seymour (I12270)
    485 1910 living in Wayland working in the Railroad. 1920 living in Hornell, working as a Foreman on the Railroad Burch, Leighman Ansel (I25233)
    486 1910 living with her father and step-mother, working in the Railroad office as a stenographer. Keefer, Marie J. (I22499)
    487 1910 living with her son Patrick in WhitehallPA (also in the house is Patrick's wife Sarah, daughter Helen and nephew, John(31)) Gallinagh, Mary Anne (I41056)
    488 1910 living with her Uncle Patrick Gallagher Allen, Anna I. (I39633)
    489 1910 living with his cousin, Patrick Allen

    Came to US in 1909 on the Columbia with his sister Mary and brother James. 
    Allen, John (I42569)
    490 1910 living with his grandfather Andrew Allen in Alfred. Miles was employed by Seymour G. Stewart in West Almond, as a farm laborer, according to the 1920 census of West Almond. He was said, Audrey Pettibone, to have been living with his half-sister, Grace Farnum, in Wellsville at the time of his death. Miles was killed in an oil refinery fire in Wellsville. A story relayed to me by Audrey Pettibone from her uncle(Lionel), who know Miles, said that about every Saturday night there was a dance and one night a deputy sheriff came and caused alot of grief for everyone. The Deputy was apparently not well liked by everyone. Never-the-less, some words were spoken and Miles hit the Deputy with his fist, knocking the Deputy out cold. Miles spent the next three days in jail. Under normal circumstances, Miles could have been fired from his job for such an incident, but his boss kept him on. Unfortunately, he was killed not long after. Allen, Miles Aldebert (I1763)
    491 1910 living with his parents in Hornell,NY Stewart, Asa (I12510)
    492 1910 living with his sister, Margaret Hodge, Whitehall,PA Allen, John William (I39607)
    493 1910 married to Mr. Cromwell - living in Rochester, NY (Dressmaker) Beyer, Katherine L. (I41919)
    494 1910 recently married and living in Catskill, Greene Co.,NY with her husband and widowed mother-in-law(Sarah).  Lewis, Harriet L. (I44656)
    495 1910 US Census, Richmond, Ontario Co., NY Roll: T624_1058; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 114; Image: 993. 25, April 1910

    47, Elmer T. Shetler, head, mw, 1M 15 years, bPA fPA mPA, rwE, farmer, own, mortgaged, farm.
    41, Minnie Shetler, wife, fw, 8 born, 8 living, bPA, fNY mNY, rwE, no occupation.
    14, Ella M. Shetler, daughter, fw, S, bNY fPA mPA, rwE, labor, odd jobs.
    13, William A. Shetler, son, mw, S, bNY fPA mPA, rwE, labor, home farm.
    11, Henry Shetler, son, mw, S, bNY fPA mPA, rwE, labor, home.
    9, Josiah O. Shetler, son, mw, S, bNY fPA mPA.
    7, Ellis J. Shetler, son, mw, S, bNY fPA mPA.
    5, George R. Shetler, son, mw, S, bNY fPA mPA.
    3, Ray E. Shetler, son, mw, S, bNY fPA mPA.
    1 3m, Bertha Shetler, son, mw, S, bNY fPA mPA.
    62, John Nickols, hired man, mw, W, bNY fNY mNY, rwE, labor, farm.
    Shetler, Elmer Timothy (I2582)
    496 1910 Youngstown,OH, 1920 living in San Francisco,CA working as a
    Railroad conductor 
    France, Edgar Alonzo (I26642)
    497 1910, Mr. Sanford is Judge of Probate Court of Mille Lacs County,
    Minn. and resides in Princeton. 
    Sanford, Honorable William Vincent (I6352)
    498 1910, occupation was a Stenographer and bookkeeper in Princeton,Minn. McCarriel, Grace (I6103)
    499 1910, resided Alanson,Mich. Sanford, Margerum Mitchell (I2475)
    500 1910, resided Durango,Colo. McCormick, John J. (I6319)

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