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7101 With this month, the Naples Record began its 86th year, having first appeared on February 1, 1870, on four small pages. Simeon Lyon Deyo launched his newspaper in a sawmill. Howard Tellier, the current Editor, provided scenes of Naples from that era along with pictures of leading citizens. Included were historian Seymour Sutton and three others who had recorded the events of the early days of Naples: Jane Mills, Hon. Emory B. Pottle and D. Dana Luther. Old drawings and photographs depicted the Steamboat Hotel in Woodville; the town's showplace, the home of James Monier; and the Baptist and Presbyterian Churches. The wooden Presbyterian Church was destroyed by fire in 1874 and replaced by the present brick building. Other notables featured were the Granby brothers, William Marks, Hiram Maxfield, Cyrillo Lincoln, William Tobey, and Edwin Hamlin. Recognized as old timers now in their nineties were Seymour Edson and Barton Swarts.
(Naples Record, February 1955) 
Deyo, Simeon Lyon (I41507)
7102 Without doubt it was this Nicholas Larzelere who was made Sheriff of Richmond County, Staten Island in 1738. He was still serving in that capacity as late as 1750. His cattle mark was registered 20 Aug. 1726. "Recorded of Nicholas Larzelere his Ear mark for horses, cattle, and sheep a crop on the Right Eare and a half penny of the under side of the Left Eare. Record Add Mott Clerk" Larzelere, Sheriff Nicholas (I14241)
7103 Witness to marriage: Thomas A. and Susan Staley - Methodist Family: Isaac Ensign / Emily Staley (F9041)
7104 witness to Robert Hood's will Jan 1800 (along with Joseph Haynes) Haynes, Thomas (I49430)
7105 Witness to the Will of Bartholomew Haynes in 1788 Derry Twp,PA Hood, John (I3642)
7106 Witness to the Will of John Hand, Sept 1755 in East Hampton,NY, with his father Daniel Leek and Burnet Miller. Leek, Jessup (I40514)
7107 witness: Alvinia Lindsay & Catherine Haly, both of Cottreville; Reuben
Warner, JP 
Family: Reuben Smith / (F7333)
7108 Witness: Anthony Sweeney and Alfred Ward Family: Daniel Ward / Catherine O'Donnell (F14178)
7109 Witness: James Gallenagh and Hugh McIntyre Family: Joseph Allen / Mary Anne Gallinagh (F14049)
7110 Witness: Johannes Kuper and his wife Catharina Mulhelm Meyer, Catharina (I20450)
7111 Witness: Joseph Farrell and Francis Colvin Family: William Campbell / Ann Thompson (F15475)
7112 Witness: Jost Bauer and Eliesabetha Maul Meyer, Eliesabetha (I20446)
7113 Witness: Michael Kane and Bridget McKeena Family: John Bailey / Ann Kealey (F14522)
7114 Witness: Michael Moran and Mrs. Mary Moran Family: Tobias Moran / Margaret Boran (F13800)
7115 Witness: Peter Klein and his wife Pheronica Meyer Meyer, Petrus (I20447)
7116 Witness: Susan Farrell Ferral, Frances (I42751)
7117 Witness: William Campbell Campbell, Alexander (I40071)
7118 Witness: William Campbell and John Campbell Family: Robert Dixon / Margaret Campbell (F15477)
7119 witnesses: Elizabeth WILLIS Family: William Willis / Sarah McCauley (F11040)
7120 Witnesses: John Kelly and Margaret Donnelly
Note: Bride and Groom recorded as being minors Groom' father is deceased 
Family: William Hodge / Margaret Allen (F14050)
7121 Witnesses: Peter O'Donnell and Bryan Mooney Family: Patrick Campbell / Bridget O'Donnell (F14045)
7122 Wm B Meredith, director of nursing at Maimonides Hospital. Liberty died Thursday afternoon at the hospital. He had had a 5 month illness. Born Feb 6 1921 in Angleton, Tx, Mr Meredith was the son of William B and Charlette Benton Meredith He was married to Gladys Barrows Dec 31 1943, and had lived at Liberty 30 years. Mr Meredith was graduated cum laude from Baylor University, Waco, Tx, with BS and RN degrees. Survivors include his wife, his mother, and 5 children - Rebecca, William Jr, Kevin, Reginald and Loretta, all of Liberty. Also surviving are a brother Sanford in Florida and a niece and nephew. Funeral services were held Saturday at the Alidlaw Funeral Home, Liberty, with the Rev H Markham Fargo, Liberty Baptist pastor, officiating. Burial was in Liberty cemetery. Meredith, William B. (I44626)
7123 Wm V. Hartman, son of Abraham Hartman of South Dansville, died on Monday of Bright's disease, aged 17 years.
(The Dansville Express, Dansville, New York Thursday, March 16, 1889) 
Hartman, William V. (I10238)
7124 Wm. E. Tibbetts of Rangeley and Marion N. Burditt of Andover, on Oct.
23, 1899, in Andover, by Rev. John A. Waterworth. Mr. Tibbetts, a
laborer, age 24, was the son of T. Freeman Tibbetts, a guide, born in
and residing in Rangeley, and Elvira Ellis, who was born in and
resided in Rangeley. Miss Burditt, age 24, was the daughter of Henry
O. Burditt, a farmer born in Wakefield, Mass. and residing in Andover,
and Mary A. Newhall, who was born in Turner and resided in Andover.
Source: Andover Record of Marriages, p. 9 d 
Burditt, Marion N. (I24800)
7125 Woman Fatally Burned - Started Kitchen Fire with Kerosene Oil - House Destroyed

Ionia, Oct. 3, 1912 - Mrs. Dianthia MC MICHAEL, 76 years of age, who resided with her son George MORGAN, in this village, was so seriously burned shortly after noon yesterday, that her death followed four hours later. The aged woman, who was alone in the house at the time, started to light a fire in the kitchen stove. The wood did not ignite quickly and she resorted to the use of kerosene oil. The explosion that followed enveloped Mrs. MC MICHAEL in flames and set the room on fire. The house with all its contents was soon a mass of ruins, though the woman had made her escape and neighbors lent all the assistance that they could. Her death occurred at 4 o'clock. Besides her son, Mrs. MC MICHAEL leaves five grandchildren. The funeral will take place tomorrow.
Dianthia (I40043)
Mrs. Mary McCauley of Groveland Has Suffered With Melancholia.
Groveland Station, Dec. 12. - Mrs. Mary McCauley, who resided with her husband, Henry McCauley, near this place, took her life last Friday morning by hanging herself from a limb of a tree in the vicinity of the home. Mrs. McCauley, who was 61 years of age and had been a well known resident of the town of Groveland for a number of years, had not been in good health during the past few weeks, and members of her immediate family noticed many things she did which appeared strange, but they did not suppose that she was suffering with anything more than a slight attack of melancholia, and they supposed that this would gradually disappear. When the family arose Friday morning she appeared to be in her usual health and performed her daily morning work in the same way that she always did. Her husband and son went to the barn to attend to their work, and when they returned they were informed by Miss Sarah McCauley, a daughter, that her mother had left the house a short time before. Fearing that something was wrong, the son went out of doors, and to his dismay saw the form of his mother hanging from the lower limb of a tree some 40 rods from the house. He hurried to her side but life was extinct. From all appearance she had climbed to the top of the fence, thrown the rope over the limb and then fastened it around her neck before she stepped from the top of the fence. Coroner Bowen of Mt. Morris was at once notified, and after learning all the facts of the case he issued a certificate of death and ordered the body removed to her home.

Besides her husband, Mrs. McCauley is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Lewis Johnson of Rochester, and Miss Sarah McCauley at home; two sons, Alex, of Groveland and Henry, who also resides at home; four sisters, Mrs. James Love of this town, Mrs. Eliza Johnston and Mrs. Susan Johnston, both of Nunda, and Mrs. Nancy Gibson of the state of Washington, and two brothers, John Gibson of Mt. Morris and Robert Gibson of Groveland. One sister and one daughter died a number of years ago.

Funeral services were held from her late home Tuesday afternoon, and the body, was buried in the South Sparta cemetery. Rev. William Sangree pastor of the local Presbyterian Church, of which the deceased was an attendant, officiated at the services.
(The Picket Line Post, Mount Morris, Livingston County, New York, Friday, December 13, 1912) 
Gibson, Mary Ann (I36605)
7127 Woman, Aged 67, Victim of Stroke
Mrs. Jennie Nellis Is Taken by Death; Was Native of Ephratah
Mrs. Jennie Nellis. 67. widow of George Nellis, died at her home, 321 West State street, last night about 7:25. She suffered a stroke two weeks ago. Mrs.Nellis was born in the Town of Ephratah, October 2, 1877, daughter of John Squires and Mary (Allen) Squires. She had been a resident of Johnstown for thirty five years. Her husband passed away in 1940.She was a glove worker and her last place of employment was in the Streeter-Hackney Co. factory. The survivors are one daughter, Mrs. William Wilder, of Berryville; eleven grandchildren; five great grandchildren; also several nieces and nephews. The body was removed to the Cole funeral home, where the funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2. The Rev. William M. Hydon, acting pastor of the Methodist church, will officiate. The body will be placed in the Johnstown cemetery vault until Spring, when burial will be made in the Ephratah cemetery. 
Squires, Jennie (I45883)
7128 Woman, Who Cut Throat With Razor, Finally Dies. Canisteo, Dec. 23. --
Mrs. Grace A. Wallace, 30 years old, who slashed herself across the throat with a razor more than three weeks ago, died at four o'clock this morning at her home No. 5 Jackson street, this morning. Mrs. Wallace suffered a nervous breakdown some time ago and was a patient in the Saint James Mercy hospital at Hornell for a while. She appeared to have recovered physically but her mental condition remained impaired and one night, while her husband was sleeping, she arose and went into the kitchen where she committed the rash act before anyone was aware of what she was doing. Her husband was awakened by the noise she made as she fell and surgeons were immediately summoned. An examination declosed (sic) the fact that in slashing her throat she had severed the windpipe; also the esophagus and tongue. There was no hope for her from the first, but nevertheless she waged a brave, but losing fight. Besides her husband, Lee Wallace, she is survived by two sons, Donald and James Wallace at home, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bettinger and three sisters and one brother, Mrs. Earl Vanderhoef, Mrs. Phillip Besse, Mrs. Clayton House and Lyle Bettinger, all of Canisteo. She was born in Canisteo and lived here and in West Union all her life. She was a member of the Baptist church, Iola Rebekah lodge and also the Philathea class of the Baptist Sunday school. The funeral will be held at the house Friday afternoon at two o'clock and the Rev. J. T. Jones, pastor of the Baptist church, will officiate. Burial in Woodlawn cemetery. 
Bettinger, Grace (I21180)
7129 Won Best Speaker--Club 873-F on 6/28/05.
By Bill Baxter

"Isaiah Cornell was born in 1801. He had a son named Captain M. Eugene Cornell, who was an unsung war hero of the American Civil War.

Fellow Toastmasters and honored guests....

Eugene Cornell was born on April 11, 1842 . He was not a famous person himself, but he had an uncle who was very famous. His name was Ezra, the brother of Isaiah. Ezra Cornell founded a major university in Ithaca, NY; on a hill overlooking Lake Cayucas. You have probably heard Cornell University's Alma Mater Song, "High Above Cayucas Waters."

After, Eugene Cornell grew up, he became an Officer in the Union Army. In 1862, after the outbreak of the American Civil War, Capt. Eugene Cornell served under General McClellan, who at that time, headed up the Union Forces in The Eastern Campaign, but was always at odds with Honest Abe Lincoln. It was during this time in 1862, that The Union Army was in desperate need of a victory in the East, as the Confederate Army under General Lee had a pretty good stronghold on the Eastern Campaign. As desperate as the Union was for a victory, the South was just as desperate to maintain their stronghold in the East, because in the Western Campaign, The Union Army under General Ulysses S. Grant was dominating the Confederate Army. And so, the two sides met head on at a place in Maryland called Antietam Creek, on Sept. 17, 1862.

The North and the South fought each other at very close range. The Battle of Antietam lasted one day, and I have to say, it was a massacre. The Battle of Antietam was the bloodiest battle of the entire Civil War, and the bloodiest one-day battle in the History of America. A total of 3,650 dead soldiers, Blue and Gray, littered the countryside surrounding Antietam Creek. At least 17,300 people were wounded at the Battle of Antietam. Although the losses were heavy on both sides, General McClellan and his Union Army had obtained their much needed victory at Antietam Creek. This prompted Abraham Lincoln to write his Emancipation Proclamation, which would free all of the slaves in America.

One of the soldiers who died at the Battle of Antietam was Captain Eugene Cornell. There were no confetti brass bands, no medals, just a man who willingly gave his life for his country, and for Abe Lincoln's Cause, which was to reunite a country which was torn apart by slavery and secession. That is my definition of an unsung hero. An unsung war hero is one who willingly lays down his life for his country, without expecting anything in return, whether he lives to tell about it or not. Capt. Cornell did not live to tell about it; but, he was indeed an unsung war hero.

Capt. Cornell had a nephew whose name was George Cornell. George was born in 1854, and was 8 years old, when his uncle died at The Battle of Antietam. When George grew up, he had a daughter named Myrtle Cornell who was born in 1892. Myrtle married a Navy Man by the name of Chief Warrant Officer, Leroy Edwin Baxter--Grampa Baxter to me. Myrtle Cornell, who became Myrtle Cornell Baxter, was my Grandma. Capt. Eugene Cornell was Grandma's Great Uncle and my Great Greet Great Uncle. Capt. Cornell and I are both part of "Uncle Ezra's Family Tree" which grows on top of a hill, "High Above Cayucas Waters." And so, I created this Civil War Website, and named it the Capt. M. Eugene Cornell Memorial Civil War Showcase. During this upcoming Fourth of July Holiday, Let us remember those "Unsung War Heroes" who gave their lives for the freedom which we share here in America."

Cornell, Captain Merwin Eugene (I28417)
7130 WOODHULL - Adelbert J. Colvin, 70, died at his home in Borden, Woodhull Township, yesterday at 10 a. m.
Mr. Colvin, a well known practical nurse and civic leader throughout the area, was born November 20, 1881 to Daniel and Wealthy Bly Colvin in the same house in which he died.
Mr. Colvin was very much interested in civic affairs and took an active part when advisable. He had lived in Borden all his life except for a few years when he served as an attendant at the Willard State Hospital. He was a member and past master of the Borden Grange and for 25 years had served as its director in the Patron Fire Relief Association at Steuben and Livingston Counties. He also served as a Justice of the Peace for the town of Woodhull for 25 years.
His wife, Sarah Alexander Colvin died February 16, 1952. He is survived by four daughters, Mrs. Louise Bryan, Endicott; Mrs. Gladys Baird, Osceola Pa.; Mrs. Agnes Giometti, Elmira and Mrs. Grace Murray, Addison; one sister, Mrs. Rose Newland, Addison; seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
The body has been removed from the Smith Funeral Home in Woodhull to the late residence on the Woodhull-Borden road where the funeral will be held Monday at 2 p. m. The Rev. Dr. S. Atwood Allen, pastor of the Woodhull Baptist Church will officiate. Burial will be in the Borden Cemetery.
Colvin, Adelbert John (I19848)
7131 Word has been received of the death of Mrs. Lulu Lee Childs at her home in Buffalo on July 4, 1915. Her age was 52 years. She leaves her husband and one son, Austin Childs, of Niagara Falls, and one daughter, Frances, and two grandsons. She was a sister of Charles and Willian Lee, of this place. Her funeral will take place on Tuesday at Buffalo.
(The Naples Record, Wednesday, July 7, 1915)

  • There is a cemetery marker in the California cemetery with her and her husbands name in it, but she was most likely buried in New York.  
  • Lee, Lucinda (I6090)
    7132 Worked at Blum's Shoe Factory. Joe was an avid collector of Indian relics. Spent weekends conducting digs in the Genesee Valley. Had an extensive collection of arrowheads, axes, adze heads etc. Later he copied Northwest Indian designs in black ink on cardboard. Had a showing at the Rochester Museum of Science. Many display cases stacked in home on Clara Barton St. Qunilan, Joseph (I31306)
    7133 Worked at Yellow Cab Co.. Burdette, Oliver Edward (I22091)
    7134 Worked for American Airlines. Miller, John Howard (I1568)
    7135 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I15174)
    7136 Worked for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., Crawfordsville, IN. Sleight, Phillip Light (I45433)
    7137 Worked for Kodak in Rochester,NY

  • LaVern Stanely of Rochester died Friday at Northside Hosptial in Rochester. He was 68 yeas old. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Maude Stanley; three sons, Kenneth Stanley of Dansville, John Stanley and Leo Stanley, both of Rochester; one sister, Mrs. Mary Burdett of Hornell; 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. The body is at the Farrell Funeral Home in Rochester where funeral services will be held at 11am Tuesday with the Rev Charles O. Harding of Rochester officiating. Burial will be at Greenmount Cemetery in Dansville. 
  • Stanley, LaVern Leo (I3620)
    7138 Worked for NYS Gas and Electric Company. Pool, George W. (I42968)
    7139 Worked in Drugstore in Ithaca,NY Sample, Jesse A. (I7869)
    7140 Working for Ernest Price in Ossian,NY as a farm laborer in 1900.
  • Lester M. Price died at the county home yesterday afternoon after an illness of a few days. He was in town this winter but was taken to the county home on Monday because he was ill and had no one to care for him. He will probably be buried at the home although the family lot is in Greenmount. He was the son of the late Jonas Price and he was born in town and lived here most of the time.
    (The Dansville Express, Dansville, Livingston County, New York, Thursday, March 11, 1915)
  • Price, Lester M. (I21862)
    7141 World Champion Billiard Player. Won seven championships from the 1940s to the 1970s. He once ran 309 straight balls calling each shot in advance during an exhibition in 1939. Crane, Irving Donald (I11051)
    7142 World War I
    US Army
    Battles engagements, skirmishes, expeditions. St. Mihiel Offensive
    Sept 12 to 16, 1918, Meuse Argonne Offensive Sept 26 to Nov 11, 1918.
    Wounds received in service: yes
    Remarks: Served in France 305 Am In 80 Div. Sailed from U.S. May 25,
    1918. Returned to U.S. June 1, 1919. 
    Mitchell, Sergeant Clyde Christopher (I2603)
    7143 World War I (US)
    24 yrs. Com: 2d Lieut., Cav., Aug. 8, 1917; 1st Lieut. Aug. 8, 1917; Capt. June 22, 1918. Org: 19th Cav.; 77th
    Fld. Arty., to Dec. 19, 1917; 88th Aero Sqdn to June 1919; 16th Cav.,
    to disch. Frin. Sta: Ft. Sam Houston, Tex.; Brownsville, Tex.; Cp.
    Mercedes Tex.; France. Overseas: July 9, 1918 to July 5, 1919. Disch:
    Mar. 1, 1920. 
    Burditt, Captain Rollin Asher (I8275)
    7144 World War I (US)
    Pvt at Camp Upton 26Apr1919 discharged;
    Enlisted age 21 years, occ. farm laborer; brown eyes, dark brown hair, ruddy complexion, 6' 1" tall. Ammy was said to have been wounded in the head shrapnel in France during WWI, however his discharge papers do not mention any phyisical injuries; stating "Physcial condition good, character excellant" 
    Hartman, Amariah V. (I10416)
    7145 World War I (US)
    Sgt 492nd Aero Squadron, enlisted aged 221/2 years. occ. carpenter, blue eyes, black hair, dark complexion, 5'9 1/2" tall. enlisted Buffalo 5Aug1917; Corp 1Jul1918, Sgt 1Dec1918; Battles: A.E.F. 22Nov1917 to 30Jan1919, served in France, "honest and faithful service" 
    Zerfass, Milton Rowe (I5667)
    7146 Written 17 Sep 1776 John DUNWODY will registered in Book F Page 339 Proved June 18 AD 1777 No 3086 from the collection of Betty Turner In The Name of God, Amen This Seventeenth Day of September in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred and seventy six I John Dunwody of West nantmel Township Chester County and Province of Pensylvania being Sick and weak of Body But of perfit Mind and Memory Blessed be God for the Same and Calling to mind That is appointed for all men to Die and finding myself Approaching near to the Time of my Departure of this present Life by the Disolution of my Soul from this frail Body Do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in the maner and form as followeth Viz: First of all I give and resign my Soul up to God
    Through Jesus Christ who gave it, in hope of a full pardon of all my Sins Through The Merits of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ the Son of God and my Body to be Buried in the Earth in a Desent Christian manner at the Discretion of my Executors in the Blessed hope of a Ressurection to Eternal Life by the power of Almighty God and as touching what Little of this worlds Goods I may Leave behind me I give and Bequeath in manner and form as followeth and First I appoint and order that all my Lawful Debts and Funeral Charges be paid by my
    Item I give and bequeath unto my Dear and Loving Wife the sum of one Hundred pounds together with a Horse and Saddle one Bed and Bed Clothes and one Milch Cow to be kept for her and her Choice of a room in The House
    Item I give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Margret Maghan the wife of Archibald Maghan the Sum of five Shillings
    Item I give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Mary Euart the wife of John Euart the sum of five Shillings
    Item I give and Bequeath unto my Son James Dunwody the sum of five Shillings
    Item I give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Susanna Hamel the Wife of William Hamel the sum of five Shillings
    Item I give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Rebecca McWilliams, the wife Hugh McWilliams Deceased the sum of five Shillings
    Item I give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Sarah Dunwody the sum of
    fifty pounds and a Horse and Saddle and one Bed and Bed Cloths and one
    Case of Drawers and two Milch Cows providing She pleases her Mother
    and Brothers in Marriage and if not I leave it at their Disposal to
    Deal it to her as they Shall think fit.
    Item I give and Bequeath unto my two Sons Robert Dunwody and John Dunwody all the Remainder part of my Estate Both Real and personal to be equally Devided between them as The Shall think to the best advantage--- I Do Hereby ordain and appoint my two Sons Robert Dunwody and John Dunwody to be my sole Exacutors of this my Last Will and Testament and I Do herby Revoke Disalow and Disanull all and every other former Wills and Testaments whatsoever heretofore made or
    Mentioned and Do hereby Ratify and Confirm This and know other to be
    my Last Will and Testament in Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my
    hand Seal this Day and year above Writen
    Signed Sealed Published Pronounced and Declared by the said John
    Dunwody as his Last Will and Testament in the Presence of us the
    [a cover page has been taped over the witnesses' signatures]
    Personally appeared before me Ann Craig and Upon her Solumn Oath Doth Say That She Saw on the 18th Day of September 1776 a Will that Was Signed and Sealed with John Dunwoody Named; Which was Signed by James Anderson and James Legett as Evidences And that the above is the true purport of y Said Executed Will. Except y fourth Bequest Which this Deponant sayith was not in that Writing which was so Executed and further Saith not Ann Craig (signature)
    Before me Thomas Taylor
    June 18, 1777 Personally Appeared before me James Anderson and Upon his Solumn Oath Saith that as Near as he Can Remember About y 15th or 16th of September John Dunwody Sent for him and y said John Dunwody ordered his wife to tell his Son Robert Dunwody to fetch his will he then had wrote. And that y said John Dunwody took the said Writing And -xxx two illegible words xxx- and this Deponant then askd him if he Could Read it Which the Said Dunwoody Said he Could as it Was a Very Legable hand Writing: And this Deponant then Asked him if it was to his mind. Which y Said Dunwoody then Answerd him it Was: then the Said John Dunwoody took the Said Writing and signd and Sealed it and Declared it to be his Last Will & Testament and desires this Deponant to be a Witness to the Same. Declaring that to be his Will and no Other: This Deponant Signed y Said Writing as an Evidance therunto And that y Said Deponant Saith y Said Dunwoody was in Perfect Disposing Mind & Memory at this time of his Executing of Same and further Saith not
    James Anderson (signature)
    Before me T. Taylor L.S. 
    Dunwoody, John (I15026)
    7147 WWI Draft card shows birth date as 09Mar1875, town clerk shows 08Nov1875 Hulbert, Lorenzo Clyde (I1514)
    7148 Wyoming County: Its Speciality is Dairy
    Historically Wyoming County has seen it all when it comes to
    agriculture: sheep, marrow beans, chickens, apples, potatoes and cash
    crops. And there has always been a smattering of milk cows.
    Over time that smattering has mushroomed, so that today the county
    has 20% more cows  
    De Golyer, Calvin S. (I20459)
    7149 YANKEETOWN, Fla. -- Dorothy Schwab, 83, of Yankeetown, Fla., died Tuesday (February 17, 2004) at Nature Coast Lodge under the care of her family and Hospice of Citrus County. She was born to Mildred and James Allen on August 12, 1920, in Olean, N.Y., and she lived most of her life in Allegany County, N.Y. She moved to Lakeland, Fla., where she resided for 15 years before moving to Yankeetown two years ago. She was a homemaker and a member of the Parsons Memorial Presbyterian Church in Yankeetown. She was preceded in death by her husband, Jay S. Schwab, in 1980, her daughter, Linda Barnett, her brothers, James "Red" Allen and Richard Allen, and her great-granddaughter Zoe To. She is survived by three sons, Jay A. Schwab of Yankeetown, Richard Schwab of Ligioner, Pa., and James Schwab of Annapolis, Md., three daughters, Amy Palmer of Wellsville, N.Y., Tina Yanke of Yankeetown and Diane Creech of Ozark, Ala., two sisters, Mary Kruger of Friendship, N.Y., and Marjorie Weinhauer of St. Pete, Fla., one brother Robert Allen of Avinger, Texas, 22 grandchildren; 24 great-grandchildren. Funeral arrangements were under the direction of the Brown Funeral Home and Crematory, Crystal River, Fla. Allen, Dorothy Janet (I12106)
    7150 Yorks - Mrs. Frances D. Yorks, Honeoye Falls, died Dec. 7,1957. She is survived by her husband, Elton; one daughter, Mrs. William A. Hayes of Penfield; two sons, David and Jack; her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth B. Davis; one brother, Charles B. Davis, both of Geneseo. Funeral service was held Tuesday in the Stephenson Funeral Home, with burial in West Bloomfield Cemetery.
    (Livingston County Republican, Geneseo, N.Y., Thursday, December 12,1957) 
    Davis, Frances Helena (I13548)

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