New Jersey, USA


Latitude: 40.0583238, Longitude: -74.4056612


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Catherine  Abt 1775New Jersey, USA I10222
2 Elizabeth  20 Dec 1785New Jersey, USA I12042
3 Elizabeth  Abt 1804New Jersey, USA I19743
4 Hannah  1779New Jersey, USA I43737
5 Joanna  ca 1811New Jersey, USA I34405
6 Mariah  Abt 1801New Jersey, USA I20547
7 Sarah  18 Oct 1771New Jersey, USA I4192
8 Susan  Abt 1827New Jersey, USA I21521
9 Aber, Finetta  1 Apr 1821New Jersey, USA I48852
10 Adams, J. Forrest  20 Dec 1902New Jersey, USA I43211
11 Brokaw, Sarah  15 Jan 1777New Jersey, USA I30277
12 Brooks, David Belard  1819New Jersey, USA I12036
13 Brooks, Elizabeth  1825New Jersey, USA I48682
14 Brooks, John G.  6 Sep 1812New Jersey, USA I12043
15 Brooks, Joseph W.  1817New Jersey, USA I12065
16 Brooks, Lewis  ca 1810New Jersey, USA I48698
17 Brooks, Mary Jane  30 Jan 1815New Jersey, USA I48691
18 Brown, Abigail  19 Jan 1772New Jersey, USA I189
19 Brown, Sophia  18 Mar 1775New Jersey, USA I1662
20 Burlew, Abijiah  Abt 1798New Jersey, USA I28949
21 Buskirk, Zachariah  1777New Jersey, USA I45420
22 Coleman, Alfred  1816New Jersey, USA I6057
23 Coleman, Azel  1779New Jersey, USA I6015
24 Coleman, David  15 Dec 1812New Jersey, USA I5998
25 Coleman, Mary  ca 1806New Jersey, USA I46264
26 Coller, Parsey  ca 1797New Jersey, USA I36977
27 Coller, Rhoda  1757New Jersey, USA I45418
28 Crout, Abraham P.  4 Apr 1812New Jersey, USA I12189
29 Davis, Ernest  Sep 1892New Jersey, USA I42611
30 Doughty, Euphema  1807New Jersey, USA I2704
31 Drake, Zachariah  Bef 1725New Jersey, USA I29145
32 Dufford, Jacob  Abt 1770New Jersey, USA I3432
33 Dunham, John  1797New Jersey, USA I2682
34 Fairchild, Sarah  Abt 1751New Jersey, USA I34788
35 Fancher, Effie  ca 1804New Jersey, USA I40548
36 Farlee, Caleb  1709New Jersey, USA I42489
37 Fish, Nathaniel  ca 1763New Jersey, USA I41705
38 Frone, Anna  8 Mar 1815New Jersey, USA I36776
39 Frone, Catherine Gadschalk  9 Mar 1812New Jersey, USA I6070
40 Frone, Elizabeth Jean  23 Jul 1813New Jersey, USA I36766
41 Frone, John  29 Sep 1806New Jersey, USA I36774
42 Frone, Margaret  13 Nov 1791New Jersey, USA I36768
43 Frone, Maria  23 Jul 1800New Jersey, USA I36772
44 Garrison, Mary  1751New Jersey, USA I46941
45 Gilman, Catherine  25 Apr 1785New Jersey, USA I36633
46 Grandin, Philip  1764New Jersey, USA I42488
47 Gray, Alvah  1849New Jersey, USA I29557
48 Gray, Arthur  1829New Jersey, USA I6055
49 Gray, Elizabeth A.  1845New Jersey, USA I29560
50 Gray, Elsie  11 Aug 1821New Jersey, USA I13787

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bolitho, Edith Mary  3 Nov 1976New Jersey, USA I41600
2 Brown, William  Abt 1780New Jersey, USA I276
3 Claussen, Geertje Dirck  1726New Jersey, USA I29165
4 Dubois, Hester  New Jersey, USA I21351
5 Flemming, Lee Benjamin  12 Sep 2016New Jersey, USA I4419
6 Frone, John  30 Sep 1830New Jersey, USA I6068
7 Iwaskow, Richard S.  11 Mar 2012New Jersey, USA I40961
8 Myers, Russell Sage Jr.  7 Apr 1973New Jersey, USA I39696
9 Nicholson, Gertrude Emily  25 Aug 1977New Jersey, USA I33030
10 Orem, Edna Mary  7 Jun 1961New Jersey, USA I43431
11 Schroeder, Charles Robert  26 Jul 2000New Jersey, USA I39421
12 Van Horn, Barent Christianszen  14 Aug 1726New Jersey, USA I29164
13 Walker, Hayden Samuel  15 Jan 1981New Jersey, USA I41597
14 Walker, Kenneth J.  30 Dec 2011New Jersey, USA I39501

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Pool, Howard A.  13 Mar 1944New Jersey, USA I42964
2 Putman, Peter  Abt 1776New Jersey, USA I285
3 Sutton, Richard  1715New Jersey, USA I16370


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Goho / Carey  24 Feb 1941New Jersey, USA F13701
2 Gray / Schamp  Abt 1788New Jersey, USA F1005
3 Gray / Trimmer  Abt 1810New Jersey, USA F3224
4 Larzelere / Bessonett  28 Mar 1741New Jersey, USA F4046
5 Margerum / Bayless  03 Oct 1693New Jersey, USA F3088
6 Margerum / White  01 Feb 1769New Jersey, USA F3087
7 Muchler / Schmitt  2 Sep 1783New Jersey, USA F2164