Rhode Island, USA


Latitude: 41.5800945, Longitude: -71.4774291


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alferetta  Abt 1859Rhode Island, USA I22024
2 Mary  Abt 1807Rhode Island, USA I46348
3 Mary E.  Oct 1842Rhode Island, USA I22238
4 Austin, Sarah  1795Rhode Island, USA I5995
5 Babcock, Abel  Dec 1844Rhode Island, USA I45609
6 Babcock, Henry Lewis  5 Dec 1842Rhode Island, USA I45601
7 Bunce, Mary  1816Rhode Island, USA I39240
8 Burdett, Edward Edwin  Mar 1849Rhode Island, USA I19642
9 Burdick, Billings  1765Rhode Island, USA I31026
10 Burdick, Carey  Abt 1734Rhode Island, USA I30978
11 Burdick, Phineas  Aug 1746Rhode Island, USA I30991
12 Burdick, Stephen  ca 1736Rhode Island, USA I31024
13 Burdick, Thomas  Abt 1703Rhode Island, USA I30976
14 Burditt, Mary J.  Abt 1831Rhode Island, USA I19629
15 Capwell, Alice May  23 Dec 1878Rhode Island, USA I48170
16 Chase, Ann  22 Feb 1741Rhode Island, USA I23056
17 Colvin, Susannah  1765Rhode Island, USA I48446
18 Cook, Nathan  01 Nov 1776Rhode Island, USA I35357
19 Cottrell, Mary  25 Dec 1791Rhode Island, USA I31029
20 Crandall, Sarena  ca 1807Rhode Island, USA I42664
21 Farnsworth, Mary Esther  7 Jan 1823Rhode Island, USA I45536
22 Hall, Penelope  Nov 1746Rhode Island, USA I30992
23 Keene, Hannah  1775Rhode Island, USA I35991
24 Lockwood, Fannie E.  Mar 1849Rhode Island, USA I35021
25 Parker, William Jr.  1797Rhode Island, USA I12731
26 Paulson, Margaret E.  2 Feb 1915Rhode Island, USA I38506
27 Peckham, Stephen  Abt 1802Rhode Island, USA I10173
28 Reynolds, Marion C.  21 Jan 1897Rhode Island, USA I48168
29 Reynolds, Captain Zaccheus  1686Rhode Island, USA I43508
30 Richmond, Freman  1786Rhode Island, USA I38788
31 Rogers, Mary  12 Aug 1778Rhode Island, USA I31084
32 Satterlee, Avis  11 Nov 1794Rhode Island, USA I18236
33 Sisson, George  1800Rhode Island, USA I40410
34 Slocomb, Dolly  1800Rhode Island, USA I19494
35 Stewart, Eathol  1774Rhode Island, USA I18190
36 Stewart, Terry  1773Rhode Island, USA I18198
37 Sweet, Huldah  29 Jan 1758Rhode Island, USA I43501
38 Tripp, Elizabeth  1799Rhode Island, USA I12732
39 West, Henry T.  ca 1810Rhode Island, USA I45568
40 Whitford, Joshua  5 Apr 1789Rhode Island, USA I18234


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Babcock, Frank Earl  25 Jan 1966Rhode Island, USA I45608
2 Babcock, Hannah  14 Apr 1840Rhode Island, USA I31027
3 Bazinet, Anita  3 May 1983Rhode Island, USA I42834
4 Burdick, Billings  04 Sep 1819Rhode Island, USA I31026
5 Cole, James  Rhode Island, USA I41669