Wisconsin, USA


Latitude: 43.7844397, Longitude: -88.7878678


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Riese, Eila  Wisconsin, USA I10769
2 Mitchell, Andrew  17 Dec 1847Wisconsin, USA I2500
3 Mitchell, John S.  10 Mar 1849Wisconsin, USA I2501
4 Adams, Mary L.  Apr 1849Wisconsin, USA I34051
5 Mitchell, Benjamin  Abt 1850Wisconsin, USA I27848
6 Mitchell, Matilda  8 Sep 1850Wisconsin, USA I2503
7 Mitchell, Nancy Letitia  Abt 1851Wisconsin, USA I2496
8 Mitchell, Martha E.  Abt 1853Wisconsin, USA I27847
9 Sanford, Margaret  14 Oct 1853Wisconsin, USA I38432
10 Mitchell, Richard  1854Wisconsin, USA I27846
11 Mitchell, Emeline  8 Sep 1854Wisconsin, USA I27844
12 Powers, Adella  Abt 1855Wisconsin, USA I22247
13 Sanford, John B.  5 Apr 1855Wisconsin, USA I38433
14 Mitchell, Amanda Jane  Abt 1856Wisconsin, USA I27845
15 Mitchell, Daniel P.  10 Mar 1856Wisconsin, USA I2502
16 Ralston, Ida Mae  21 Mar 1856Wisconsin, USA I1060
17 Eastman, Daniel J.  1858Wisconsin, USA I29044
18 Eastman, Carrie  1862Wisconsin, USA I29046
19 O'Rourke, Katherine  1862Wisconsin, USA I40376
20 Emma  Abt 1865Wisconsin, USA I22244
21 Fitzgerald, Nellie Ellen  Est 1870Wisconsin, USA I31413
22 Galligan, Anna Viola  7 Jun 1870Wisconsin, USA I8743
23 Brown, William W.  Abt 1871Wisconsin, USA I22037
24 Bernadine  Oct 1872Wisconsin, USA I33714
25 Adeline  Abt 1877Wisconsin, USA I13481
26 Schorenburg, Henry  ca 1878Wisconsin, USA I42157
27 Mick, Eva Mary  1883Wisconsin, USA I40397
28 Eastman, Allie E.  Abt 1884Wisconsin, USA I29062
29 Hills, Ray  Abt 1885Wisconsin, USA I43305
30 Eastman, Harvey H.  Oct 1887Wisconsin, USA I29065
31 Meloy, Florence  Abt 1888Wisconsin, USA I22243
32 Eastman, Ethel Ella  13 Jun 1889Wisconsin, USA I29066
33 Brown, Florence E.  Abt 1899Wisconsin, USA I22038
34 Laura J.  ca 1900Wisconsin, USA I42159
35 Brown, Harry C.  Abt 1900Wisconsin, USA I22039
36 Brown, George K.  Abt 1901Wisconsin, USA I22040
37 Norman, Frederick Stuart  8 Mar 1901Wisconsin, USA I46352
38 Brown, Donald  Abt 1903Wisconsin, USA I22041
39 Burditt, Bernadette Marie  23 Jul 1925Wisconsin, USA I22523


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Sanford, John B.  26 Sep 1852Wisconsin, USA I38431
2 Eastman, Carrie  1862Wisconsin, USA I29046
3 Eastman, Luman E.  1886Wisconsin, USA I29041
4 Sims, Jesse Lucast  5 Jun 1903Wisconsin, USA I34386
5 Salsberry, Polly J.  1910Wisconsin, USA I29057
6 McMichael, Sophia  1915Wisconsin, USA I22220
7 Eastman, Harvey Joseph  1 Apr 1937Wisconsin, USA I29043

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Kiehle, Jonas  26 May 1864Wisconsin, USA I35442


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Meloy /   Abt 1885Wisconsin, USA F6370