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We relocated to Avon, Indiana in December 2015 from Texas. Much to do and genealogy seems to always take a back seat for a little while...but more recent have been able to spend some time back at it - especially with the clues the DNA testing as guided me to... I would suggest getting as many close family members DNA tested - a sibling may show a connection to a distance cousin that was not linked to you and might be the clue you were looking for.

OurNorthernRoots is compiled by Andrew and Rebecca Burdett © 2002-2023 We met, married in 2011 and started our family in Houston(Texas) area. We both have northern roots (NOT Northern Texas roots). Becky came to Texas about 1998 from Philadelphia. Andrew settled in Texas from Livingston County, New York in 2002.

Our complete photo archive folder is at ournorthernroots.com/archive

The information within this database may be subject to errors; like all internet sources, use it only as a guide for ones own research. We welcome any additions or corrections, photos, documents, and other sources. Thanks to all that have contributed to making OurNorthernRoots as accurate and complete as possible.

CAUTION: When using Ancestry.com and their 'leaf' hints - PLEASE remember those are ONLY suggestions and NOT facts. Since the 'leaf' hints began I have been seeing too many more inaccurate family trees published on Ancestry.com. Once one person accepts this tainted data, it multiplies exponentially through others. Accepting all 'leaves' regardless of fact clouds the real clues that your research has brought to the genealogy community through family legend, stories, notes from grandma, etc.. Please research before accepting a 'leaf' and with all hints, clues, stories, legends, notes, always try to DISPROVE it first before you consider accepting as possible fact. There is an INGORE button on those hints for a reason.

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Photo: Frank Burdett holding his granddaughter Marianna. Joel Burdett on wagon. Hobart and his Uncle James W. Burdett in front of the horses, c.1928 --- Header Photo: 1905 Burditt Reunion in Dansville, Steuben Co., New York.

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