Charles McMichael

Male Bef 1765 -

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  • Name Charles McMichael 
    Birth Bef 1765  Pennsylvania, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    • 1786 West Nottingham, Chester Co.,PA tax list.
      1790 living in Little Britain,Lancaster Co.,PA, one male under 16.
      1800 Easton,Ontario Co., NY.
      1810 living in Seneca,Ontario Co.,NY(six sons, three daughter).
      1814 Took Oath of Allegience in Ontario Co., NY.
      1820 census, not found.

      Either left country or died (Jane Sutherland stated her mother, Lydia, lived with her grandparent, Haines, after her parents(Charles and Sophia) seperated (Sophia went to live with her son William). Daughter, Lydia, 1880 census states both parents born in PA. Son, William, says his father was foreign born (1870 census)

    • Below is a summary of information I've collected, hope you can follow it.

      What I've learned of the children of CHARLES McMICHAEL and SOPHIA HAINES are follows:
      JESSE b. between 1790 and 1800 d. possibly in Newfane,Niagara Co.,NY
      WILLIAM b. 3Dec1798 in PA d.31May1878 Saline,Washtenaw Co.,MI
      RACHEL b. ca 1804 NY d. before 1870 probably in Manchester,MI never married
      LYDIA b.06Mar1806 in or near Penn Yan,Yates Co.,NY m. Langford Sutherland
      THOMAS b.1808 in NY d.1864 Ontario Co.,NY m. Lucinda Fisher
      POLLY b. 05Sep1809 NY m.Alanson SQUIER d.21Aug1845 Manchester,Washtenaw Co.,MI
      ALLEN b.ca1818 in NY d.abt1861 Jackson Co.,MI m. Jennette Lee

      JESSE we first find in the War of 1812 rosters: Allen's 20th NY Regt this regiment was from the Yates and Ontario Cos. area. The in the 1822 tax list of Benton,Yates Co.,NY(Yates Co. was formed from Ontario Co. in 1823, Benton borders the village of Penn Yan). I dont find Jesse or any Jesse McMichael in the 1820 census anywhere, possibly living with a relative. In 1830 there is a Jesse McMichael, I believe to be him, living in Newfane,Niagara Co.,NY. In the household are 1 male 5-10, 1 male 30-40, 3 female under 5 and 1 female 30-40. This would put his birthyear between 1790 and 1800, which would match up the the age of a child of Charles and Sophia, and a veteran of the war of 1812(he may have like the Niagara area after seeing it during the war(Niagara was a hot bed of war activity). The 1840 census this Jesse is still in Newfane with the following: 1 male 15-20, 1 male 40-50, 1 female under 5, 1 female 5-10, 3 females 10-15, 1 female 40-50. Obviously the same family, just large ten years later. I cant seem to find him in the 1850 census anywhere.

      WILLIAM we find in the 1820 census of Benton,Yates Co.,NY(same place as his brother is listed in 1822 tax list). The 1820 census shows the following: 1 male under 10, 1 male 16-26, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 16-26, 1 female 26-45. In this census I would assume that the male under 10 is his brother Allen and the female 10-16 is his sister, and the female 16-26 is his other sister or his wife and the female 26-45 is his mother(as the ages would match). The 1830 doesnt find William in New York, however I do find him in Oakland Co.,Michigan as follows: 1 male under 5, 1 male 30-40, 1 female 20-30. The 1833 tax list of Michigan shows William still in Oakland Co.. I dont find him in the 1840 census. The 1850 he is living in Farmington,Oakland Co. as follows: William,53,farmer,b.PA; Mary,49,b.PA; Caroline,16,b.MI; Sarah,15,b.MI; Adaline,9,b.MI; George,7,b.MI; Harvey,5,b.MI.. William is next to the Brown,Culver,Johnson, and Benjamin familes. The 1860 census William is in the town of York,Washtenaw Co.,MI as follows: William,63,b.Pa; Mary A.,53,PA; George W.,15,b.MI; Harvey J.,13,b.MI.. Living next to William are the Andrews,Blakeslee,Orr,Monroe and Jackson families. The 1870 census for York,Washtenaw Co.,MI shows the following for William: William McMichael,73,farmer,b.PA,FATHER OF FOREIGN BIRTH,mother born US,blind; Mary W.,63,b.PA; Henry(Harvey),23,b.MI,m.May1870; Jannie,21,b.PA,m.May1870; Caroline Worth,16,b.PA. (it would appear the Caroline is a sister of Henry's new wife). Living next to them are the Henry S. Orr(aged 35.b.NY) family; Caroline Orr,36,b.MI; William H.,10,b.MI; Leona,7,b.MI; Lula,2,b.MI. Also living near by are the Blakeslee, Cook, Slater, and Haynes family. The Haynes family is Jane Haynes,60,b.NY; Florence,16,b.NY; Palmer A.,14,b.NY.... Note the 1870 has a check mark column stating wether the father or mother of the person was foreign born and William's father(Charles) apparently was. The cemetery listings for Judd Cemetery in York,Washtenaw Co.,MI are: McMichael, Sophia Jan 13, 1866 age 92 yrs w/o Charles McMichael; McMichael, Wm. Dec 3, 1798--May 31, 1878; Orr, Henry S. 1834-1911; Orr Mary C. 1833-1914.

      RACHEL and POLLY are difficult to track in census because they were never head of household. However we know Polly married a man by the name of Squiers. In the 1870 census in Jackson,Jackson Co.,MI the is a Rachel McMichael, aged 66(b.1804), living with the Henry Martin(aged 40,b.NY) family(wife Mary S.,35; dau.Mary S.,9; dau.Nettie 7), also living there is Alanson Squiers, aged 61(b.1809), . Because in the 1908 letters Rachel is referred to as Rachel McMichael and Polly is referred to as Polly Squiers, I would have to assume that Rachel either never married or married a Mr.McMichael, having her referred to as Rachel McMichael. In the 1880 census I dont find Rachel, however Alanson is still living with the Martin family and he is referred to as "father-in-law" The 1880 census consist of Henry Martin,50,b.NY,Druggist; Marie S.,wife,46,b.NY; Nettie,dau.,18,b.MI; Alanson H. Squiers,fatherL,70,b.NY,Retired Capitist. I did a search online for them and found a cemetery index of Oak Grove Cemetery,Manchester,Washtenaw Co.,MI: Squier, Alanson H Died 26 May 1891, 82y; Squier, Mary Died 21 Aug 1845, 35y, 11m, 16d (Wife of Alanson); Martin, Henry Died 22 Apr 1911, 82y; Martin, Mary S Died 3 Jan 1884, 50y, 5m, 4d (Wife of Henry); Martin, Alanson H Died 28 Jan 1865, 8y, 4m, 12d (Son of Henry & Mary). The wife of Alanson if MARY, which is always interchanged as Polly. Polly would be born 05Sep1809, which matches up to be Polly McMichael, d/o Charles and Sophia, that would be why Rachel McMichael was living with the Martin family in 1870, because its her neice. The 1860(June 12th) census they are in Manchester,Washtenaw Co.,MI as follows: Henry Martin,30,NY; Mary S.,26,MI; Alanson H.,3,MI; Mary S.,8/12,MI; AH Squire,50,NY; Rachel McMichael,50,NY; Wm Couslon,20,Eng; Martha Wise,16,Ger.... In 1850 I find Rachel living with the Daniel Cross family in Manchester,MI as follows: Daniel Cross,56,b.NY; Irene Cross,58,b.NY; Melissa,26,b.NY; Malinda,16,b.MI, Rachel McMichael,45,b.NY.(through other searchs I find they had another daughter Amelia b.abt 1820 m.1853 Charles Damon), Not sure how or if they're related, I find Daniel widowed in 1860 living in Ypsilant,MI with the Samuel Hudson. I cant find Alanson in Manchester in 1850. In early census in Ontario County, there are several Squier families living next to the Haines and Sutherland families..

      LYDIA, from what you told me, Lydia was born 08Mar1806, Penn Yan,Yates Co.,NY(then Ontario Co. until 1823; Penn Yan(twp of Milo) formed from Benton in 1818. The name Penn Yan comes from a compromise between the early Yankee settlers and early Pennsylania settlers, naming the town). Lydia is said to have lived with her grandparents Haines, after her parents 'parted'. She married Langford Sutherland, son of Daniel Sutherland in Seneca,Ontario Co.,NY. The 1820 census of Seneca,Ontario Co.,NY shows Jonathon Squires, Anna Sutherland, Daniel Sutherland, and Joseph Haines, all living next to each other. The 1830 census of Seneca,Ontario Co.,NY shows the following families next to each other: Nathaniel Squier, Daniel Sutherland, Langford Sutherland, Jonathan Squier, Isaac Reynolds. (Isaac Reynolds(b.1776)of Cecil Co.,MD married Mary Haines(b.1784 PA); they had children named: Rachel,Joseph,Isaac,Haines,and Nancy; this family came to Seneca in 1803). In the 1840,1850, and 1860 census Lydia and Langford and family are show in Pittsfield,Washtenaw Co.,MI. I wont talk further about this family, as you already have that info.

      THOMAS, the first record I have of where Thomas lived is from his grandsons,Zachary Briggs', marriage records. In it states that his mother was born in Bushnells Basin,Monroe Co.,NY(Bushnells Basin, borders on the town of Victor,Ontario Co.,NY.). In a letter dated September 1829, Thomas is writting his brother-in-law, Charles Fisher in Victor, and Thomas is in Cattaraugus Co.,NY(south of Buffalo). From the letter Thomas is living out there looking for work and doing courier work, as he states he got back from Pittsburg,PA the other day. The 1830 census shows him in the town of Ashford,Cattaraugus Co.,NY , himself, his wife and two daughter under 5 years old. His daughters, Lucinda, death records states she was born in Springville,Erie Co.,NY(which borders Ashford,Cattaraugus Co.,NY). In a letter of 1829 to his brother-in-law, Thomas mention William McMichael: that when he does come by to give him the leathers,etc,etc.. Thomas was a Tanner by trade also.. I would assume William is his brother William. The letter gives me the impression that William doesnt live near Victor but will but comes through there once in awhile(By 1830 William is in Michigan). Sheldon Fisher, a descendant of Charles Fisher, said that Thomas McMIchael, worked lived with Charles Fisher at an early age. This would matchup with the information in the 1908 letter that Charles McMichael and his wife 'parted' and daughter Lydia lived with her grandparents, Thomas must went have lived and work with Charles Fisher(a well to do, farmer and merchant-Charles Fishers father died young, the hamlet of Fishers,Ontario Co.,NY is named for this family). In the letters the impression is that Charles has alot of Thomas' items, while Thomas is moving around finding work. In the letter Thomas ask Charles to sell has many things has he can and send him the money.... By 1839, Thomas is back in the Victor area, as his wife Lucinda died Mar1839 and is buried in the Bushnells Basin Cemetery(no other McMichaels or Fishers are buried there). Thomas marrys Laura(madian name unk), and there son George McMichael, is said to have been born in 1845 in Yates Co.,NY(according to the 1855 NY census, of Naples,Ontario Co.,NY). Unknown why Thomas was living in Yates County in 1845, as all his siblings by that time where in Michigan, however there were still Haines family living there, possibly he was living with them or that is where his wife was from. In 1850 Thomas is living in Richmond,Ontario Co.,NY; 1855 in Naples,Ontario Co.,NY; 1860 Naples,Ontario Co.,NY; He died in 1864 in Naples. His will shows that he owned land both in Richmond(Honeoye), and in Naples. He is buried in the Honeoye Cemetery next to the Briggs family(his daughter Emmeline married Cyrus Briggs), also buried there is his daughter Lucinda McMichael Douglas. All the census show Thomas as born in NY. Thomas' children are: Emmeline(b.28Sep1828), Caroline(b.18May1830), Lucinda(b.21Jan1832), Maryette C.(, Samantha(b.1837), and George(b.1845). His probate record of Mar1864 names the following Heirs: "Emeiline Briggs of Richmond, wife of Cyrus Briggs, Caroline McMichael and Lucinda C Douglas, wife of George L. Douglas, all of Richmond, Mary Deyo, wife of Henry Deyo, of Prarie Run,Cass Co.,Michigan, Samantha Lee, wife of William Lee of the town of Naples,Ontario Co. and the petitioner(Emeline), states she is the eldest daughter of the deceased." Strangely there is no mention of George McMichael as an heir(he was living in Middlesex,Yates Co.,NY in 1880). The death cert. for Caroline McMichael I got from Ypsilanti,Washtenaw Co.,MI shows she died 10Nov1906 aged 76year,5mo,12 days, widowed, born NY, father: Thomas McMichael, mother: Lucinda Fischer. Also her only daughter, Adelia Snitecor, death cert. for Superior,Washtenaw Co.,MI; died 25Dec1905, aged 56,1,27; married, born NY, father: George McMichael, mother Caroline McMichael. Her husband was Artemus Dean Snidecor. Caroline moved back and forth from MI to NY, in a 1852 letter John Fisher to Charles Fisher(brothers), John states that Emmeline was out in MI visiting him and also will be bringing back(to Honeoye) Caroline for the winter. Apparently Caroline stayed longer, but years later she is back in Michigan and died there. Your letter of 1908 states "...find out more of the McMichaels or if cousin Caroline McMichael is still living in Ypsilanti with the Snittacher(sp.) she could tell you." I would assume the Snittacher(sp.) is the Snidecor family, which is who she was living with in 1900 in Ypsilanti(in the census the name looks like SUITECUR..this name is misspelled so many ways). Now unless there talking about her husbands family then that ties Thomas to Lydia. But Caroline's husband George W., was the son of Joseph McMichael(b.1800 NY---He had children named George,Nelson,Harry,Caroline, and Marvin). This Joseph McMichael needs further research, strange that the names of his children are similar to the Charles McMichael's grandchildren. Also Joseph in living in Spring Arbor,Jackson Co.,MI from 1840 to 1860. This family moved to Illinos in about 1870. Joseph died in Equality,Gallatin Co.,IL in 1875. Possibly a nephew of Charles???

      ALLEN, I first find Allen in teh 1833 tax list in Michigan Territory. In 1840 he is in Spring Arbor,Jackson Co.,MI with 1 male 20-30 years and 1 female 60-70 years(Apparently himself and his mother). In 1850 census of Spring Arbor we find the following in the same household: Allen,33,farmer,b.NY; Janette,19,b.NY; Lewis Melash,14,b.NY; Samuel Reason,20,b.NY; Thomas McMichael,21,b.MI; George,13,b.MI. I dont know who the parents of Thomas and George are that are living with Allen, possbily children of Jesse(but Jesse lived in NY, and these two are born in MI), or older children of William(but William has a son George born in 1843 not 1837). or children of the Joseph that also lives in Spring Arbor(father of George, husband of Caroline)(but, again, he alread has a son named George b.1826)..Or a combination of the three and Thomas and George are not brothers, but cousins, or there from another line we are missing. If the Thomas was born in 1829 in Michigan, then his father would have to be here in 1830 census and theres only one McMichael family in the 1830 census in Michigan, that being William McMichael. Anyway, Allen is in the 1860 census in Spring Arbor,Jackson Co.,MI as follows: Allen,42,farmer,b.NY; Jannette,27,NY; Sylvester,8,b.MI; Eliza,7,MI; Anthony Melock,21,MI; Harriette Lee,20,NY; Sophia McMichael,86,NY. Sophia is shown as born in NY but like alot of census, there are many errors. History of Jackson Co.,MI shows "History of Jackson County, MI Inter-State Pub. 1881 Vol. II. p. 1068
      Hulbert HALSTED, sec. 35; P.O.., Horton; he was born at Wilson, Niagara Co., N.Y. Sept. 24, 1828. He came to Jackson county when a boy, with his stepfather, and settled in the south part of Liberty; and there, near the old Chicago turnpike, he helped to break up the oak openings when a mere boy, driving "breadking up" teams, barefooted, and often working beyond the strength of his slight frame, not attaining man's size until after he became a voter. But by hard work and exchange of land and farms he has now one of the best in the county. Feb. 16, 1862, after a home had been procured, Mr. Halsted married Mrs. Jenette McMICHAEL, daughter of Daniel O. and Sally LEE, old settlers here from Niagara county, N.Y. She was the widow of Allen MCMICHAEL, whom she had 2 children--Sylvester, born Oct. 15, 1851, died May 18, 1875; and Eliza M., born Nov. 18, 1852, now Mrs. Wm. VROMAN, who also had two children--Burt, born May 2, 1875, and Freddy, born May 14, 1876, and died Jan. 27, 1877. Mr. and Mrs. HALSTED have 1 boy--Charles N., born Dec. 25, 1865. Her father, Daniel O. LEE, died Oct. 16, 1849, aged 48 years, 11 months and 20 days. Her brothers and sisters are deceased--John died July 24, 1852; Mary died May 13, 1844, in her 18th year; Isaac died Aug. 8, 1852; Mary died May 13, 1844, in her 18th year; Isaac died Aug. 8, 1858, also in his 18th year; and Ira died July 4, 1868, in his 23d year. For further particulars of the LEE family, see sketch of Abraham LEE, in Summit tp."

      CHARLES McMICHAEL, is found in the 1800 census of Easton,Ontario Co.,NY(later known as Gorham), this census shows: 4 males under 10 years, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 26-45, 2 females 10-16, 1 female 26-45. This would put Charles born between 1755 and 1774. This also puts Sophia in the same age group. The 1860 census shows her 86 years old(b.1774), which would make sense. Theres a male and females 10-26(b.1774-1790) possibly a siblings, or children from a first wife of Charles? They would be to old to be children of Sophia. The 4 males under ten, I would assume two to be Jesse and William. Living next to Charles are the following families: Solomon Warden, John Carson, James Stewart, William Lewis, John Pardee, Elijah Hurd. The 1810 census of Seneca,Ontario Co.,NY for Charles McMichael has: 1 male under 10, 3 males 10-16, 2 males 16-26, 1 male 45+, 3 females under 10, 1 female 26-45. The 3 females under 10 are Rachel,Lydia,Polly. Sophia is 26-45. The male under 10 is Thomas, two of the males 10-16 are Jesse and William and Charles is 45+.. Again there is another male 10-16 unk and 2 16-26 unk..possibly other relations of children from previous marriage... Charles is 45+ now so he is born before 1765, which using the 1800 census would put his birthyear between 1755 and 1765(at least 10 year older than Sophia, which makes me wonder if he did have a first wife). Other families next to Charles in the 1810 census are Charity Dean, Daniel Youngs, Joseph Asher, Timothy Minor, Peter Kesler Edward Pratt. I do not find Charles in the 1820 census anywhere, thats where it ends with him..Now going backwards there is a Charles McMichael in Little Britian,Lancaster Co.,PA in 1790. It shows 1 male 16 years and older and 1 16 years and under. This Charles is living near the Reynolds, Broslon, Dunmoore, Culey, Grubb families. Also in the same town is the Joesph Haines, who later moved to Seneca,Ontario Co.,NY and lived next to the Daniel Sutherland family. Also this is the same town where an Isaac Haines once lived and his son Joseph is buried. Charles is listed in the Ontario County records as taking the Oath of Allegience to the United States, This would certain intdiate that Charles was not born in the US. Lydia however stated in the 1880 census that her father was born in PA, but her brother William stated in the 1870 census that his father was foreign born. I would tend to believe that he was not born in the US because of the 1814 Oath and census taker had to make a speciel mark to say that Williams father was foreign born, and if it wasnt checked then it could have been an oversight. In Lydia case she knew her father was from PA, and theres always errors in census for one reason or another. So if Charles was born outside the US, then where? I find a James McAfee in Little Britian,PA whos wife was Jane McMichael, d/o Malcolm. She was born in 1710 in Armagh,Ulster,Northern Ireland,(Presbyterians). Malcolm came to America in 1746 with his five daughters and a son: Anne, Elizabeth, Margaret(m.Samuel Ewing moved to KY), Mary, Sarah and Daniel. He settled near his daughter Jane, who came to America in 1739, and purchased land at Little Britain(Oak Hill) which later became the property of William Gibson, and later to David Christie, heir of Nathan Haines,deceased. If Charles came to the US and was not born here, I would have to assume he is somehow related to the Malcolm McMichael. Possibly a son of another son of Malcolm's that stayed in Ireland when Malcolm came here.

      SOPHIA HAINES, According to the census records she was born about 1774 in Penn. ALso her cemetery record of the Judd Cemtery in Saline,Washtenaw Co.,MI states "Sophia McMichael, wife of Charles McMichael, died Jan 13th 1866, aged 92 years" (unless her birthdate is between Jan 1 to Jan 12, she was born in the year 1773). as stated in the 1908 letter her parents where HAINES' possibly an Isaac Haines. Her daughter, Lyida, went to live with her grandparents after her parents 'parted' I would have to assume then that the Haines family lived close to the Sutherland families(as that is who Lydia married about 1825). There are two Haines families in Seneca,Ontario Co.,NY in 1820. Nathan Haines and Joseph Haines, they are first cousins. Both are grandsons of Joseph Haines and Elizabeth Thomas, of Chester Co.,PA. He his the son of Richard Haines,Quaker,of Buringlington Co.,NJ. Nathan born 16Dec1770 in Cecil,Maryland, is the son of Isaac Haines and Mary England. Nathan came to Ontario County and died in 1831. The No.9 Cemetery of Seneca,Ontario Co.,NY has the following Haines: Nathan; died July 4 1831; ae 61 yrs; Hannah, wife of Nathan Haines; died Jan 8 1830; ae 53 yrs; Margaret, wife of Daniel Haines; died Aug 12 1853; ae 38 yrs 19 days; William E., son of Daniel J. & Maria E.; died June 5 1874; ae 16-8-12;
      Almira Lu; died June 12 1888; ae 88 yrs. Nathan also had a daughter Sarah, born 1807 and died 1833. She left a Will that was probated in Ontario County, but she was living back in Cecil Co.,MD. I havent seen this Will, yet, just the index. It might mention the McMichael family??? I beleive Sarah went back to Maryland, because both her parents had died in NY, other relatives had left the area. Other KNOWN children of Isaac and Mary(England) Haines, are: Reuben(b.1764), John(b.1766), Joseph(b.1768 MD, m.Rebecca Reynolds, had a daughter Sophia b.1803), Nathan(mentioned above), Elizabeth(b.1777 PA m.Jonathan Reynolds). The birthyears of these children: 1764,1766,1768,1770,1777 would allow for a child born in 1773, namely Sophia. So its very possibly this is the Isaac Haines mentioned in the 1908 letter. However Isaac died in 1801 in Maryland and therefore could not have had his granddaughter Lydia McMichael living with them before she was married. Also there is no Isaac in Ontario County in this time period. However, my grandmother was raised by her Aunt and Uncle and my Dad considered them his grandparents, this could be the same situation, as she may have been raised by Nathan or the Joseph Haines in Seneca. The 1820 census for Joseph Haines in Seneca has 1 male 45+, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 45+. The female 10-16 would match Lydia's age. Living next door to Joseph Haines is Daniel Sutherland. Not to far from them is Isaac Reynolds(He came to Seneca on 1803 from Cecil Co.,MD; his first cousins are Rebecca and Johnathan Reynolds(siblings that married children of Isaac Haines). Isaac Reynolds(b.1776) married Mary Haines(b.c1784 MD) had children: Rachel(b.1801), Isaac Jr, Joseph, Haines, and Nancy. Isaac Reynolds served in the War of 1812, his parents are Isaac Reynolds and Ann Rich.
      Joseph Haines that was living in Seneca in 1820 and 1830, is the son of William Haines and Lydia Johnson. Joseph married Rachel Rich 27Nov1773 in Chester Co.,PA, he is living in Little Britian in 1790(as is Charles McMichael), on 1800 he is still in Little Britian. In 1810 he is in Seneca,Ontario Co.,NY 1 male under 10, 1 male 45+, 1 female 45+. Living next to Daniel Southerland, Patrick Southerland, Isaac Reynolds, David Squier, Jonathan Squier. So by 1810 in Seneca,Ontario Co.,NY are the McMichael, Haines, Squier, Southerland, Reynolds. The problem with Joseph being the father of Sophia is that he was married in Nov1773 and Sophia was born in 1773(most likely or maybe 1774). Which takes us back to Nathan Haines, in the 1820 census he two has a females living in his household that was of Lydia's age, however Nathan's daugter Sarah was the same age as Lydia and the census only shows one daughter in this age group. Joseph Haines had an older sister that married Jesse Reynolds, kin to the Reynolds mentioned above. I mention Joseph's brother-in-law, Jesse Reynolds, because that the first place I've been the name Jesse, except has one of Sophia's older children(she may have named him after her Uncle Jesse). Of course the other names Rachel McMichael, possibly named for Sophia's mother Rachel Rich, Lydia named for Sophia's grandmother Lydia Johnson and William, Sophia's grandfather.....From the 1908 letter when Lydia states she thinks her mother said her grandfather was Isaac Haines, she may have confused him with her uncle Isaac Reynolds. Having Isaac's wife a daughter of Joseph and Rachel Haines. Isaac and Mary named his first daughter Rachel, most likely possibly after her mother and son Joseph hafter her father. If Mrs Isaac Reynolds(b.1784) and Mrs.Charles McMichael(b.1774) sibilings and children of Joseph and Rachel Haines. The 1790 census of Little Britian,PA Joseph has 1 male 16+, and 4 females. The 1800 census he has a large family, but by this time Sophia had already married Charles McMichael.

      The Isaac Haines and Lydia Davis of Chester Co.,PA had children David(b.Jun1773), Ezra(b.Feb1774), Mary(1776), Isaac(1779), Lydia(1784), George(1788), William(1790).. Having children born in 1773 and 1774 and no record of anyone here going to NY, I'd have to rule out this Isaac as being a father of Sophia.

      My THEORY(and only a theory)

      Joseph Haines, born 22Jul1756 West Nottingham, Cecil Co.,MD, son of William Haines and Lydia Johnson, married 27Nov1773, Chester Co.,PA to Rachel Rich, dau of Joseph Rich and Sarah Coulson, born 20Sep1752.
      Sophia, b.1774 married about 1795 to Charles McMichael
      Daugther b. between 1774 and 1784
      Mary, b.1784 married 1800 Isaac Reynolds

      --Joseph Haines, Isaac Reynolds and Daniel Sutherland and always living eith next door or within a few house from each, even in later census the Isaac Reynolds children and near the Sutherland families. Nathan is seems to live further away from these families. Also Joseph is from the same town of Little Britian as Charles McMichael was living in in 1790, and Sophia and Charles were married in PA, as there son William states he was born in PA. Also the names of Charles and Sophia's children are similar to that of her parents and grandparents.

      I think I've covered about all the clues I have, although I'm sure if I've missed some and will find others, but if you or anyone can make sence of what I wrote, good luck. Also of course if you have any question, please let me know. It might get me think of another clue or something else to check on.
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    Family Sophia Haines,   b. 1774, Pennsylvania, USA Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 13 Jan 1866, Saline, Washtenaw Co., Michigan, USA Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 92 years) 
    Marriage Abt 1793  Pennsylvania, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    +1. Jesse McMichael,   b. 8 Mar 1793, Pennsylvania, USA Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 24 Apr 1855, Newfane, Niagara Co., New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 62 years)
    +2. William McMichael,   b. 3 Dec 1798, Pennsylvania, USA Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 31 May 1878, Saline, Washtenaw Co., Michigan, USA Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 79 years)
     3. Rachel McMichael,   b. Abt 1804, Ontario Co., New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this locationd. Bef 1880 (Age ~ 75 years)
    +4. Lydia McMichael,   b. 6 Mar 1806, Penn Yan, Yates Co., New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 18 Dec 1892, Pittsfield, Washtenaw Co., Michigan, USA Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 86 years)
    +5. Thomas McMichael,   b. 24 Sep 1807, Ontario Co., New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 24 Feb 1864, Naples, Ontario Co., New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 56 years)
    +6. Polly McMichael,   b. 5 Sep 1809, Ontario Co., New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 21 Aug 1845, Washtenaw Co., Michigan, USA Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 35 years)
    +7. Allen McMichael,   b. 18 Nov 1816, Ontario Co., New York, USA Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 05 Sep 1860, Jackson Co., Michigan, USA Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 43 years)
    McMichael Sutherland Letters
    McMichael Sutherland Letters
    Letter from Harriet Sutherland Harwood to her niece, Ada Sutherland Jocelyn, 1908, regarding questions about her family history (McMichael and Sutherland families).
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