Family: George Burditt / Milly Wadsworth

m. 13 Jan 1818


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Abbie Maude Burdett Almeda Burditt George B. Burditt Harriet Amanda Wing Charles Archie Burdett Lloyd Roscoe Burdett Florence Ruth Nichols George Edd Willey George Allen Willey Sarah A. Potter Nathan Wise Earl Wilber Wallace Theodore Wallace George Royal Cheverton Mildred Victoria Cheverton Gladys May Willey Mary Maude Nichols Dora Lena Willey Fred Allen Burdett Clarence Leo Wallace Lorenzo Hulbert Harold Edward Willey Nellie Mabel Allen Ruby Mae Lake Mary Emma Burditt Evangeline Rachel Allen Lena Mary Burdett Lena May Hulbert Lorenzo Clyde Hulbert Oscar Claire Smith Paul Earl Wallace
1905 Burditt Reunion
Abbie Maude Burdett
Lorenzo Hulbert
Lorenzo Clyde Hulbert
Lena May Hulbert
Fred Allen Burdett
Mary Lena Burdett
Oscar Claire Smith
Florence Ruth Nichols
Mary Maude Nichols
Almeda Burditt
Corporal George B. Burditt
Sarah Ann Potter
Nathan E. Wise
Mary Emma Burditt
Nellie Mabel Allen
George Edd Willey
Harriet Amanda Wing
Charles Archie Burdett
Earl Wilber Wallace
George Royal Cheverton
Mildred Victoria Cheverton
Theodore Victor Wallace
Evangeline Rachel Allen
Gladys May Willey
Dora Lena Willey
Harold Edward Willey
George Allen Willey
Ruby Mae Lake
Paul Earl Wallace
Clarence Leo Wallace
Lloyd Roscoe Burdett

1905 Burditt Reunion

Slide your mouse over the picture to view identity of each person. I do have doubts about Paul Wallace and Claire Smith. They are listed in the 1905 Registry, but I am not 100% certain it is them.

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Linked toFamily: Burditt/Wadsworth (F77); Family: Burditt/Gilbert (F78); Family: Hendee/Burditt (F86)

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